Sunday , May 16 2021

Director of Super Smash Bros. says that there is a practical reason why Kirby survived the apocalypse in the last trailer

I'm with her

Pretty much everyone on the planet wants Kirby. Even if you did not want to fight with him, Super Smash Bros. 64 still loved him deeply. The small wrist ball is impossible to hate: its creator HAL lab did it that way.

So it turns out that he is also extra special, so many, to throw the rest of Smash a team from the annals of Nintendo's history. According to Super Smash Bros. Ultimatedirector Masahiro Sakurai Kirby has survived the apocalypse in the last trailer (which can be seen again below) because he was not "normal".

Talking about Phamitsu (as translated by Source Gaming), Sakurai says they need "a convincing reason" why Galley, the new big bad, could beat a person who will charge the charge and a possible revolution against it. He notes that even the characters with limited spells / forces will not be enough for the best of Galley, so Kirby was chosen for his Warp Star. The only "contenders" were Bayonet and Palutena (quoting their power from the students' point of view), but their enemies were either too strong to overcome or would have no meaning from the point of view of the story to escape.

It's cute thinking (and a little swing on the back for these two), but Kirby is also a much more family friendly from Bayonet and more sold by Palutena. However, hearing Sakurai explains something like a minute as a detailed view / story is why he is so big.

Sakurai [Famitsu via Source Gaming]

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