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"Dancing with the Stars: Review of the Juniors: Season 1, Episode 7

There would not have been little contestants to dance songs from their birthday enough of a reminder of how young they are and how old are we? Apparently not, because juniors are hoping for machines for a while and learning for decades (fine and one will be sent in the future). You know, distant times like the 1980s! Breaking my one again aside, this is the perfect theme for the Kid. The themes and stories surrounding their dances are a bit out of their comfortable zones, plus some of them teach a little history. You know, like the fact that Angelina Jolie is not an actress since the 1940s. Plus, we will see that Jordan Fisher and Frankie Munison dance to "Macarena" with Honey Boo Boo to celebrate the nineties and no one can be thankful enough for that.

Miles Brown and Rile Arnold (1950s)
Mentor: Lindsay Arnold
Jive, "The Rock Over The Clock" by Bill Haley and His Comets
Miles is doing his homework this week (see children, even this boy who dances all week has time to do homework) and teaches a few fun factoids from the 1950s, which even rely on his mentor, Lindsey. Blessed Miles for this exchange: When telling his team that frozen dinners were invented in the '50s, Lindsay asks what people do before frozen dinner. His answer? "They cook dinner." Apart from the big 50 facts, Miles and Rile perform I love Lucy themed alive and easily one of their best dances. Miles is super sharp in his punches and kicks and their separate parts are so synchronized, that's crazy. I'm glad that Val gives Rylee an apology to be an excellent partner – she kills him in this routine. Hopefully, Miles celebrated with a frozen supper afterwards. Or not. These things can be debatable.
Judge's score: 28/30

McKenzie Zigler and Sagzy Rosen (1980)
Mentor: Gleb Savchenko
Jazz, "Call me Maybe" by Carly Ree Jeepsen
All incredible music from the 1980s and they go with … "They Call Me Maybe"? Do not get me wrong, it's a great song and there's an 80th atmosphere of it (could not you see Debbie Gibson play this?), But how, to choose a song from the 80's! I appreciate the crimson hair, but that's not enough! Apparently, Gleb is asking for more than his team this week. Mackenzie is an excellent (trained) dancer, pushing her to be better and focused. He's hard, we know this. The routine is funny and looks like a box of crayons that retreats on the floor of the hall in the hall (80s), but the judges prefer Mackenzie. Adam and Wall want to be emotionally stimulated – and the heater on their feet simply do not cut it. Mandy points to several incongruous turns and wrong steps, but she also complicates their stroke. If you want someone to praise your blow, it's Mandy Moore.
Judges Result: 26/30

Manda Morris and Brutin Brems (the future)
Mentor: Cheryl Burke
Paso Doble, "Gangsta Paradise" by 2WEI
Okay, how long did you have to realize that the futuristic fate of Mandra and Brighton (which no one wanted to go through during the 70's?) Was set on an epic orchestral version of Coolio's Gangsta Paradise? What a great selection of songs. Manla's work this week is to be strong, intrusive and aggressive – the passport is the dance of the matador, after all. He is the one who achieves this most! Val has some remarks about the desire for more "struggle," but Mandy points out that Mandela did not have absolutely no dance training, so the fact that he can mold and relax so well is a real feat. Adam is also a big fan: "If this is what looks like a passport in the future, I'm not crazy," he says. I mean, here's hoping this is what looks like the future, right? At the very least, can there be glossy masks?
Judge's assessment: 24/30

Ariana Greenbelt and Artyon Celestin (1940s)
Mentor: Brandon Armstrong
The quick step, "Classic" from the ICTO
Another interesting track choice for the decade, but really need to talk about Ariana appointment Angelina Jolie as her example to "Old Hollywood". I know these kids are young – how can you forget? – but this really hard hit. At least after dancing, she named Audrey Hepburn as her favorite actress. We're getting closer! Quickstep is a difficult dance for a little dancer – so much of it should be in the frame – but Ariana and Arty look easy. Brendon's choreography is a great mix of contemporary 1940s in smart ways (it's one side while pretending to be in the frame? I'm dead). Judges do not have much to say; they mostly agree that this is a difficult style to be surrendered, but how, thank you for coming, the judges?
Judge's assessment: 27/30

Sky Brown and JT Church (1920s)
Mentor: Alan Berman
Charleston, "A small party has never killed anyone (all we have)" by Fergie and Q-Tip & GoonRock
Now, this is a way to choose a modern song to go with a retro style. Surely, did Baz Luchmann make it easier for them? Yes, but who cares? Charleston is the perfect party dance, and Sky and J. The routine is fast, but it's never chaotic, and Heaven seems to be controlled all the time. The girl attracted Charleston. Mandy warns several times to get ahead and behind the shot, but essentially the judges are big fans of Sky and JT. How can it be when she continues to tell children inspirational things like "If you want to do something, just do it." Sure, she stole it from Nike, but she does not know that!
Judge's assessment: 27/30

The next week we go to the semifinals, so this is a difficult cross-section – they are so close to winning that trophy! Unfortunately, this week we are saying goodbye Mandla and Brightonlike Tim Cheryl is sent home. Now that we're finishing four, who thinks he has a shot when taking this baby home?

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