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Cult of Hockey Players Score: Edmonton Oilers won a huge 4-point game 2-1 over Las Vegas in a very fun hockey game

Edmonton Eyelids won their 3-home battle, defeating the Stanley Cup final at the Golden Knights Cup on Saturday night, in front of the national public, 2-1.

In those 3 games with Ken Hitchcock behind the bench and his systematic changes in place, Eyjays scored a collective opposition from 6 to 3.

For a further illustration of how close this really was tonight, just look at the chances of grading "A". Follow from The hockey cult David Staples, they favored Vegas with a narrow 8-7 margin. David's observations coincided with mine.

But do not think that Hitch lost the entire attack from this club. Tonight the home team surprised their opposition 34-32. The two clubs even attracted special teams. But it was over-all thoroughly entertaining affair, with lots of speed and skill on the screen.

In the end, however, it is fair to say that Miko Koskinen was one better saved than Mark-André Flerie. That was the ultimate difference.

Their record of 13-11-2 pulls Eyelids into the playoffs in the Pacific. They also chase the Golden Knights and Sharks into that slot. But Edmonton has 2 games in hand at the first, 1 game at hand on the second.

Here's the story for the tape:

Edmonton Euler player ratings

MIKKO KOSKINEN. 8. Miko Koskinen may have won this game for Euler with his game in the first 8 minutes. Vegas rolled out. But the great Finn had an answer early and often. I had the biggest savings of William Carlson for 5 minutes in opening the frame. But he also came a long time, stopping Railey Smith after he later retreated around Adam Larson and broke up alone. 31 of 32 are blocked in all. Kaskinen had St.% of .967 at this home stand. It's OK. 8-2-1 in the season. It's pretty ok, too. Where would they be without him?

CONNOR McDAVID. 8. Attach target physics says it is not possible. He took a clever chip to the boards of Drayzite. McDavid powered one defendant and drove the past to the other. But then, on his way to the far side of the net, the steel of McDavis digged deep into the ice. The snow flew and Connor turned hard, twisting almost inside-out. McDavid then shifted the pack from the back arm forward and covered Mark-André Flerie for 1-0. What a jaw on the jaw. Wow. There were 8 (!) Footage of the net in all as Vegas struggled to keep his in-time blinding speed. Late to the place for a chance against early. But it was also 75% on the face-off point. Above all? Wonderful, in winning efforts.

LEON DRAISAITL. 7. He played a huge 2-way game. He found his favorite goal to the wall for 1-0. He shot the spirit in the first. The following period, he took away another that led to Jesse Puljuarvi's chance. Minutes later, on the strength of Vegas, both Leon and Hiaison made great dramas to clear the zone and relieve pressure. In the 3rd Period of Vegas PP, and Drazysayt and Russell teamed up to stifle the Knights cycle. Then, as if it was not enough, Leon wins 2 big threads in the last 90 seconds and together with Nugent-Hopkins ate puck in the corner, over time, turn to nothing. Peripherally responsible for 1-1, but it was a lost lot in the O-Zone.

ALEX CHIASSON. 5. Solid but non-spectacular. 1 shot, 1 take-away at 18:58. Have you prepared for power in the first period. Reproduction of the second PC Period by pressing the Golden Knights. I wonder if Alex Kayson can continue the pace on that line with that amount of TOI? He does not get used to this.

OSCAR KLEFBOM. 6. A rough start in the first few minutes while Vegas had 3 good chances of reaching his watch. It's overnight -1. Mainly responsible for 1-1. But in honesty, Clefbeem was at the right place on the ice and was not just a bad rebound, but 2 of it before the pack slipped past the Koskinen. And it was also his passage for the head, who burned Drysaille and McDavid at the ice of 1-0, earning Clifeb's help (his 12th campaign). 3 blocks, but no shots at 24:38.

Adam Larson. 6. There were many examples tonight, when Adam Larson won the battles in his own zone and as a result his teammates ended up a good sign of things. But Larson also had several gifts and won a pure outside of the Third Period rush that Koskinen had saved him out. It was very good at 2:33 in the short term. 3 hits, 3 blocks.

RIAN NUGENT-HOTKINS. 7. Nugent-Hopkins turned into a fantastic defensive effort this evening. And I think it was Selke. Najj was difficult in practically every spirit. He returned as demons and used a stick to kill in the passage of lanes. His best moment came in the 3rd Period; Depp again in the O-Zone, followed by a dangerous shot that Flerie turned away. But then in an attempt to obviously Ryan again got stuck on the road and made the Golden Knights go to the song. What a wonderful line of # 93. 4 and 50% of the point at 19:58. Money.

JESE PULUJARVI. 5. A couple of good moments, but all-in-all pretty quiet night. There were 2 shots and 2 hits. Puljuarchi's best chance was a duel directed towards Vegas, after Drasiaitle took him. I liked his level of battle under his goal line in the Series 2 of the Period, which resulted in the safe exit of the D-zone soul. I did not give up much, defensive.

DRAKE CAGGIULA. 5. Quietly 40 minutes, then revived in the third. What I like best for Drake Caggile is that he plays as a bigger person he really is. In fact, he led the club in hits with 6. The article leaf paste 3 gave-aways for him, but to be honest … I only saw one that was 1) obvious and 2) had a negative effect on the game.

A nurse's nurse. 7. He was Edmonton Eilers best D-man tonight. Darnell Nurse had several effective flights to ice, but he played smart and was never caught by anybody's position. There were 2 shots in the net. But it was a work of its own end that stood outside. His speed allowed him to keep up with Vegas with a high step and he was only responsible for 1 chance of great danger. There were 3 hits and one block.

KRIS RUSSELL. 7. Are a lot of heavy lifting against men bigger than him behind the goal line and won the majority of those battles. Made a big game in his PC zone to clear the zone, part 2:17 on a closed short arm. Only allowed a particularly dangerous chance against his watch. The show began at 2-1. Complete the evening with 3 hits, 3 blocks and 2 downloads at 21:35.

KYLE BRODZIAK. 5. This line led by Kyle Brodzik made some of the best defense in the offensive zone. A shot and 2 hits. Usually good. There were some minor struggles on the point, though (40%). It also burdens with an unpleasant second period of circulation. Effective, but you'd like to see this line at the end of the result. 2:12 with a score without a PK score, which is not an important match against Vegas Power Play that rolls from the end.

MILAN LUCIC. 6. Played a solid game. 5 hits. There were several attempts to shoot, which did not miss much, although 1 overcame the obstacle, and another came just like a mermaid to close the second Period. Two key moments best illustrated his game. One was the battle battle in his own zone, defeated after long duels along the wall in the first period. The other was again taking him into the attack zone to feed Brodziak for a chance. This may be his new, permanent role. It fits well.

ZACK KASSIAN. 6. A lot of time spent in the cycle in the attack zone. While the line is drawn again on the board again, they are doing an effective job of placing the opposition in their own zone. Shot, hit, block for Zac Cassian. I do not think the punishment he took was particularly clever, but at least he was in the process of being physically … unlike a lazy hook or a trip.

Matt Benning. 6. This third pairing had a better course of play while on ice. In fact, Matt Bening had the highest CF% (17-18, 48.6%) of D-core this evening. He added several strokes to the target, as well as a solid body of a third body – check if the official shooter somehow missed. Benny played only 13:02, while Hitchcock strongly bowed to the first two pairs. But he was reasonably efficient at that time.

KEVIN GRAVEL. 5. There were several scoops in the first two periods, but there was a solid third, while Eileus stepped up the lead. There were 2 shots and 2 hits plus taking. He played 13:22 at all. But Ken Hitchcock said he needed hard work from his third pairing. If that's true, then I wonder if Jason Garrison returns to the next game?

JUJHAR KHAIRA. 6. Set the possible winning goal with a sharp pass from the corner to the slot where Ryan Spanner made no mistake. Cairo is really struggling. But to my eye, he simplified his game tonight and it made a big difference. Packs that have not cleared in the previous games went out of the zone tonight. AND J. was physical, registering 4 hits at 9:41. That is better.

RYAN SPONER. 6. He chose a special time to win his first as Oiler. He found clear air in front of the Golden Knights' network and did not hesitate for a second when the pack led Haira. Bam! It was, and stood on the rest of the way. This was the best game on the fourth line in many games, and Spooner was a significant part of it even before the winner won him.

TY RATTIE. 7. I came to a big game that you may need to stay in the NHL, let's go to the squad. The result does not show help for the winning goal. But Rati had previously checked the landfill and eventually forced the D-man who was chasing him to chase the puck into enemy hands in the corner and that's exactly … it was 2-1. But it was not just that game. Rati had 4 hits, 3 hits and subtraction. He also drew a fine in the 1st. He only played 9:38, but made every second count.

Hitch returns to the state Lone Star Tuesday, as Oilers visits Dallas.

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