Friday , May 14 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo breaks UEFA's record in the Champions League

Juventus' superstar Cristiano Ronaldo once again wrote his name in the history of the UEFA Champions League after breaking another record of the match.

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The Portuguese striker, who is currently the leading scorer in UKL's history, became the first player to win 100 matches in the match on Tuesday night.

He won the victory in this step by defeating Juve 1-0 by Valencia and now winning more matches from the Champions League on his current side – Serie A's Serie A wins 91 games in the match so far.

Only four clubs have won more UCL games from Ronaldo: Real Madrid, with 155 wins; FC Barcelona, ​​with 141; Bayern Munich, with 132; and Manchester United, who on Tuesday won their 117th UCL victory.

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Note: Only this article considers only the Champions League games since the change in format in 1992.

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