Tuesday , May 11 2021

Conan O'Brien names Abel Ferrara as the worst guest of all time

Conan O'Brien hosts talk shows for 25 years and interviewed thousands of celebrities. But he singled out a guest as the worst of all time.

The recent episode of Duck Shepherd's chefs expert podcast, a television host named and embarrassed American director Abel Ferrara, as the worst person to interview.

"Abel Ferrara was an eccentric director," Conan told the podcast.

"Escape during the show in front of his segment." He escaped, climbed the elevator and walked onto the street running away, and Frank (the producer of the segment) chased him and grabbed him. "

The producer managed to persuade Ferrara back into the television studio and pushed him on the stage to be interviewed by Conan.

"He came to the camera against his will, and then he got out and I think he started shouting at me," the host recalls.

Ferrara, who made it Bad lieutenant (1992) and Funeral (1996), missed his way through the interview and appeared uninterested.

"Do you think he was buried?" Shepard asked.

"Yes, I'm sure, or if not, he was supposed to be," Conan replied. "I remember it's fun. If you ate 15 cloves of garlic, I would not say it's a great experience, but you will remember."

You can see the interview in the interview below:

Conan was less than impressed by another guest, whom he hinted he was Lost a star who woke up drunk.

"One member of a show where everyone is stranded on the island had too much to drink and get out and can feel the smell," he said.

"They think they are funny, everything they do is laugh at what they say, and the breaks they take are too long, but in those brains they kill.

"There are people who are constantly coming in and disobeying the form," he said.

Conan said his pet was hateful when actors appeared and acted as if they were showing up on a talk show.

"It's just the tail that the dog loses -" If I'm tough, then I have to be a genius. "No, firstly be a genius, and if the unwanted effect is difficult, then we will accept it," he said. "But do not be hard in the hope that you may be a genius."

And finally, Conan praised actors from the UK, who said they almost always make good guests.

"I am always blown away by guests from the UK, there is something in the water," he said. "They tell you a story, they twist yarn and it's wonderful."

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