Monday , January 18 2021

Comments on Paradise for splitting into Superstar Reaction

Riott's ownership is split into WWE Superstar Shake-Up this week, and all three members of the group now comment that they go in their separate ways. As we saw last night, Liv Morgan heads to SmackDown Live, while Logan and the Riot remain on RAW.

Liv Morgan was the first to talk about social media, announcing the following:

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Earlier in the morning, Ruby Rite and Sarah Logan also responded, sharing their memories of being together in World War II:

rubyriottwwe:@yaonlylivvonce and @sarahloganwwe, two women who really changed my life for the better. During the last and a half year, we tried to express to the world how strong and unselfish the relationship we have. But I do not even think we scratched the surface.

On January 11-21, I was associated with two of the most talented and amazing women I had known. Every day after I learned something from them, inside and outside the ring. They inspired me and motivated me to be better as a person and as a performer.

I knew that I would never be ready for the day when we came to where we would be on separate brands. And I will lie if I do not say that my heart does not hurt, but, knowing that the world will see how incredible Sarah and Liv are in a completely new scale, doing everything in order. They will continue to create their inheritance and I am still and will always be their greatest admirer! Thank you girls, because more than I could ask them as friends and partners and as sisters. Girls think my heart. I love you girls and how Liv says that this is not goodbye. This will be seen later. I know that everything I need to do is shout "FRAUD FREEDOM!" And we will be together again! #RiottSquadForever

sarahloganwwe: 11-21-17. One day my life changed forever. OUR LIFE DAY Changed forever. We shared the greatest moment of our wrestling career and the greatest moments of our lives together. Every time I make my entry, I'll ask for two. Every time I have a cup of coffee in the hospitality, I will see two people every time someone needs to laugh at my incredible jokes, I will look for my team.

So much have we changed the world of wrestling and this is what we will continue to do.
@rubyriottwwe … I love you
@yaonlylivvonce … .. I love you.
And again I will see you, because we will all be sure that it is happening.
Composition! Composition!

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