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Colin Capernick's NHL training has moved on at the last minute

BULGARIA, GA – A major change in Colin Capernick's training plans for NHL.

Just 15 minutes before Kaepernick was due to work on Saturday for 25 teams in the NHL at the Atlanta Falcons Training Complex in the Branch Quarter, officials from the exiled quarter announced that the session had been moved 60 miles away to Riversdale High School.

Officials said they called for a hearing to allow the media to follow the training and record the training, adding that the shift was prompted "because of recent decisions taken by the NHL".

"From the outset, Mr Capernick has demanded a legitimate process and from the outset the NHL league office has not provided one," his representatives said in a statement.

It was a stunning move that seemed to catch everyone off guard, and came about an hour before the planned workout.

Numerous NHL scouts have already flocked to the Falcons' indoor training room when word came that the Capernick Session was moving from the wider suburbs north of Atlanta to Charles Drew High School in Riverside – south of the city, near the city. Hartsfield-Ackexon Atlanta International Airport.

It was not known how many teams would attend the training at the new location.

Dozens of media were set up in a fenced-in parking lot near the Falcons facility.

Former NHL coaches, Hue Acksexon and Oeo Gilbin, had to perform the exercises.

This was the latest bizarre turnaround in training that NFL quickly agreed this week for 32-year-old Kaupernik.

The former Pro Bowl defender has not played since the 2016 season with the San Francisco 49ers. He helped launch a wave of protests over social and racial injustice that kneeling during the national anthem of the games.

The NHL in February issued a Kaepernick collusion complaint and former Rep. Eric Reed filed against the League. Reed is now playing for Carolina Panthers.

Capernick officials said the NHL had "requested" as a precondition for the training to sign a "waiver of unusual responsibility". Capernick asked the media and the independent film crew to be allowed to attend and record the video of the original training, and that the NHL had rejected the request.

"Based on previous behavior by the NHL League office, Mr Capernick is simply looking for a transparent and open process, which is why a new location has been chosen for today," officials said.

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