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Clare Football "SNL" Skates Rank: Baldwin, Steiler Go back to the best show of the season

Claire Fuy is not a comedic actress, but she proved able to bring them to laughter after a very rude monologue "Saturday night live".

Always the most disassembled part of the night, because there is no character to hide behind, Clare is visibly relaxed and settled in the various roles she received in one of the strongest shows in the season.

Frankly, apart from the very monologue, there was not one sketch that was bombed. And this includes the return of Alec Baldwin like Donald Trump and Ben Stiller like Michael Cohen, while Fred Armiesen fell to show the Saudi crown prince.

The Thanksgiving had to serve him well, because they returned sharp and daring than ever, even when they break from time to time by laughing at one another. Too much of this can be a problem, but in this case it only showed how fun is the night everyone has, and this proved to be contagious.

As usual, we rank all the worst-to-first sketches, including the Cold Open and the regular Weekend Update segments. We will skip musicians because they are usually not funny – unless Ashley Simpson appears. We finished with a look at the member of the award that had the strongest week.

Monologue: Claire Foy

In the middle of Brexit, Clare Foy had to admit she was happy that she was still chaotic in Britain. The sweet story of the meeting with Queen Elizabeth The second three years before she showed her "The Crown" she only showed that she had art for comedy and it was all about delivery and time, because Claire had not had any of them to come home. You may not be particularly funny and still host the "SNL" successfully, the material just needs to be written for that, as Lieu Schreyer proved.

Good morning Goma

Claire Fuy and Kate McKinnon are the boys who make the morning show for cable access, but most often complain about the challenges of being a mistress, but never the woman. In fact, the whole thing was sad, because these women are deceiving that they will come for them. Requisites Pete Davidson for a nasty fall as one of the mobsters who treat these women as rubbish. That said, we would not like hot orange juice, either.


This holiday advertising lamp Netflix for its vast spending on original programming, by making sure that the whistlebill simply buys all the terrain coming on the road and even switch from its own programming, such as Claire Foy, which appears in the high school years of QEII theme "Saved by the Crown." But the real highlight was their dark takeover of "Family Matters" with Chris Red such as Urkel and Kenan Thompson like Mr. Winslow. The weather was a bit off, coming to the heels of an almost unprecedented denial from Netflix, but it was still pretty funny. There are so many there.

HOLLAND OPEN: Trump in Argentina

Alec Baldwin returned with Donald Trump Cecily Strong Melanie Trump, struggled to fall asleep. Kate McKinnon brought a bat Rudy Giuliani, who keeps all his secrets, where no one will find them: on national television interviews. Of course, Beck Bennett he returned as his best brother (who played it completely) Vladimir Putin, joining the Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman (Fred Armiesen). It looks like the honeymoon is over. The poor Donald was a melancholy, which led to Alec's more favorable takeover. The impression has always been a caricature, but it has been exaggerated in a caricature. This was just perfect, with a nice copy "Do not cry for me Argentina" to finish it. It's like peering into politics in crowded fashion and still making fun and fun.

All I want for Christmas is you

Probably for reasons of licensing, this is not available online from NBC, but the ladies of "SNL" sang respect for the holidays … which was really a tribute to Robert Miller and how tired they are waiting for his report. They have spent two years, they complain, describe in detail all the things they get sick in the meantime. We will not lie, we are kind to them on this one. Just get it there and I hope to live up to the excitement and at least be interesting.

War in words

We've seen this before, but it's ridiculous to imagine a soldier writing good eloquent letters to his wife just to wake up and empty replacements. Day of Mothers perfectly played resentment, while Claire Foy equalized indifference, and then almost idioticly thought that he and the guys would be excited by her childhood photography. The sketch turned to brilliance with the involvement of Kenan Thompson as a new man in her life, with even more interesting secrets of her proving she no they know how to be human, followed by an evil outburst.

Morning Joe

Alex Moffat and Kate McKinney have such a great chemistry as Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski in this repetitive sketch, it does not matter what they are talking about. This time, however, it was all about their wedding, which Willie Gest (Mother's Day) was not invited to. Melissa Villasenor he took Alexandria Okashi-Cortez, but he did not have much to say as a character, except to show his trust. But it was fun to take that they could dip in more and more if Ocasio-Cortez managed to stay in the spotlight. Clare Foy was well used as a BBC journalist who they did not even listen to. This was strong enough that Alec Alec Baldwin was not available for the cold opening, this could slip right.

Daddy Christmas

The best part of this "second Christmas" sketch was when Ajdi Bryant shook the parody of "The Last Christmas" about how some recently divorced fathers try too hard, and yet quite fail to connect with their children as fathers. It would not be as funny if the truth did not arise. This was a strange little sketch in that it was not the performance of someone who sold it, but solid writing. That said, Eddie Bryant was pretty big when she got into a song … and that "mom" hairstyle was funny.

Girls and Cars (Web Exclusive)

Decreased over time, this was another of those bizarre fake sitcoms from Kyle Muni and Beck Bennett. He is almost opposed to the description, it is so deaf and uncomfortable and bizarre. Just imagine the worst in the kids' live entertainment, then you get the messages all wrong and add fire. So strange, but funny in its awkward and inadequate sincerity.

Charlie and Charlie's grandfathers

There was no chocolate factory to see, only Charlie and his four grandparents shared a crib. Clare Foy stepped into Charlie's boots and played confused-but-curious very well. The last time we applied to this four, grandfather Joe (Pete Davidson) was getting chew new to be able to go. This time, grandfather George (Kyle Muni) and Baba Jorgina (Ajdi Bryant) made everyone uncomfortable by basically starting to have sex in the bed. Poor Charlie had no idea what was going on while Santa Joe and Baba Josephine (Heidi Gardner) very well knew of their horror. Sleeping on the bed increased only with smiles and we are not sure if we want it or we are terrible.

Weekend Update

Immediately, Colin Jost and Michael Che entered the proposed Moscow Tower of Trump, and also dealt with Paul Manaphoret in a very unpleasant removal, as well as the blood-red Christmas display of Melanie Trump. Surprisingly, Colin actually came to her defense throughout the screen, even when comparing the trees with the bloody teeth of a monster.

Leslie Jones Complaining about her sex life, the fighting in her 50s is ridiculous, but when Colin tried to cheer her up, saying that no one looked better in her 50s, and then Michael dismissed some alternative proposals, the whole part became extremely funny. Leslie was completely tireless, lunging at Michael as Colin tried to hold him back, and both sold perfectly.

Do you know what makes 100 kilograms of cocaine, because Michael Che does it and once you see it, you can not understand it. And let's say that when you're high on that cocaine, you will not be able to close your eyes and you will definitely not miss anything, even if you want!

Beck Bennett introduced a new face to Jules, an economist who looks at things differently and a boy is he every person he once hated to talk to anywhere. In this context, it was ridiculous, but we were ready when Colin dismissed him from the stage. And then, the boys finished with the sweet respect of George H.V. Bush showing off when he responded to Dana Carwy's icons.


Cecily Strong was brilliantly self-denying as a woman who lost all her small domestic precious descendants on her way to the emergence of HCH, allowing deeper in her self-denial by Ajidi Bryant as her terrible mother, raking her out at every opportunity. Their teaser perfectly coincided with Claire Foy and Kenan Thompson, trying to desperately keep things light and moving as hosts of the show.


Cecily Strong probably gave the strongest draft of the night as a woman of HFN who lost everything she sold, but we must give Ajid Bryant the advantage of her strong work at night, including Cecilia's terrible mother in that skittle .

Elsewhere, she was as useless as a mafia girl, moved as one of Charlie's grandparents, and absolutely sold the sketched sketch of "Father Christmas" on her own. Add to that her role in respecting Muller's wife and it was a great evening for the veteran.

For the most part, almost everyone in the actor got a chance in the spotlight, with the exception of his newcomer, His Nuvvam, who had to agree to sing a script with Heidi Gardner and a quiet camoe of Laura Winslow. But it's normal for a fresh person and she's probably in good shape, because so many of the women in the acting are very long in their "SNL" internships.

Her time is coming and we've seen enough to tell her that it should be good, and so we like Heidi and Melissa Visenor will turn into fine performers, while Leslie Jones becomes a solid skipper. That said, they would need fresh female blood earlier, and not later in this cast, unless one of these ladies wants to pull Kenan out and hang himself.

"Saturday Night Live" continues next week with host Jason Momoa and musician Mumford and Sons at 11:35 am. et of NBC.

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