Chloe Kardashian has at the same time an incredible and terrible year. She had a baby with Tristan Thompson, but her experience was destroyed when she learned that Tristan cheated her with several women. To make things worse, it all took a week before giving birth. The two seem to work through their problems and building a family with Khloe rumored to want the second baby soon. She had to deal with some major reactions after she chose to stick with her basketball guy and now she is dragging through the social media for the recent tweet.

After tweeting that she was having trouble finding a suitable doll for her daughter True, she asked her supporters if they knew where she could find a dress shirt with a "sweet quest". Of course, her admirers were in arms over the commentary, wondering if she meant to say "light-skin". Some people write that Chloe is too scared to say she seeks a "hair doll" with good hair, and others have actually offered valid suggestions. A large number of people told her to get a black doll, explaining that her daughter was black, that would make sense.

Chloe received a reaction to similar remarks about her daughter and race. Perhaps she should consider it before tweeting next time.