Tuesday , July 27 2021

China probe is preparing to land on the dark side of the moon

The Chinese space probe first descends to the ground on the dark side of the moon, an official Xinhua news agency said on Sunday, a mission that is considered an important step as the country looks to push its space program.

The probe, Chang? E-4, entered the planned orbit on Sunday "to prepare for the first soft landing on the far side of the moon," the news agency quoted the Chinese State Space Administration as saying. He did not say when the landing would take place.

The moon is rather locked on Earth, rotating at the same rate as orbiting our planet, so that the far side – or "dark side" – is never visible from Earth. The previous spacecraft were seen farther away from the moon, but nobody landed on it. China launched the Chang's E-4 investigation earlier this month, carried by the Long March-3B rocket.

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