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Children on these New Year's days are some of the first Canadians born in 2019

From coast to coast, families are accepted by some of the first Canadians born in 2019.

Here's a look at some of the New Year's babies in Canada:

First in New Brunswick

Baby Kalum, born at the St. John's Hospital, may appear only at 12:42 in the morning, but this made her the first baby of the year in New Brunswick.

Kalum Cameron was born at 12:42 am in St. John's Regional Hospital. (Submitted by Lee Cameron)

Close behind

The Toronto hospital says their first baby of the year was born just eight seconds after the clock hit midnight. Baby Fatima was not even expected for several more days.

Parents Mohammed and Dina Al-Ameri hailed baby Fatima at the moment of midnight, plus eight seconds, on January 1. (Chris Langenzarde / CBC)

Within a minute

At 12:01 AM, MT, Baby Aryia was born in Calgary. And at 12:01 pm PT, the baby Dominique became the firstborn B.C.

Shauna Makintire-Docrell and Martin Dokrel are proud parents of the newborn Calgary in 2019, Aria. (AHS Calgary Zone / Twitter)

Baby Dominique is a newborn of B.C. from 2019 on birth at 12:01 pm at the Royal Colombian Hospital.

First Montreal

The first baby in Montreal was born at 12:02 ET in the center of Royal Victoria Birthing. The hospital says Mariella's parents have made a special donation after her birth.

Mariela was born just 2 minutes after midnight on the New Year. She is the first baby born in Montreal in 2019. (MUHC)

Extra-special birthday

The first baby of Saskatoon since 2019 is not just a newborn of her family. Ayla's big brother was Saskatoon's second baby in the year he was born in 2017.

New Year's Day will be doubled as a birthday celebration in the Mandinga household, as their son and daughter were born on the first day of the year of two years. (Saskatchewan Health Authority)

First Ottawa

Ottawa had to wait 47 minutes in the new year to meet her first baby. Olivia was born in Queensway Hospital Carleton.

Olivia Margaret arrived at the Queensway Carleton Hospital at 12:47 am and made her first baby from Ottawa in 2019. (Supplied)

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