Thursday , September 24 2020

Chandrayaan-2: ISRO Orbiter Sends New Images of the Moon's Surface


The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on Wednesday released new three-dimensional images of the surface of the moon captured by Chandrayaan-2.

Crater images of the lunar surface were captured by the Chandrayaan-2 terrain camera.

"Take a 3D view of the crater shown by TMC-2 by # Chandrayaan2. TMC-2 provides 5m spatial resolution images and stereo triplets (front, nadir and dim view) for DEM preparation on the entire lunar surface", ISRO tweeted from the service handle.

TMC-2 threesome images when processed in digital elevation models allow mapping of surface morphologies.

These include – Craters (formed by punches), lava tubes (potential sites for future decency), Rilles (furrows formed by lava channels or failed lava tubes), Dorsa or wrinkle ridges (formed mainly in the Mare regions showing cooling and contraction of basaltic (lava), Ground structures (showing structural dislocations on the lunar surface) and Lunar domes / cones (denoting localized openings of past lunar volcanism).

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