Tuesday , August 3 2021

Carmen Sandiego turns a hero into the First Trailer for Show Netflix

Carmen returned, and … well, some good. In some way.
GIF: Carmen Sandiego (Netflix)

Over the years of games and shows, Carmen Sandiego has several backgrounds-the former detective has come out unfriendly, criminal glimpses, agent of chaos, you name it. But her new Netflix show is giving her another … one that turns her into a little more than a figure Robin Hood-esque.

Netflix just left the first trailer for an animated reboot (through Mashable), starring Jin Rodriguez as the title ghost of the gentlemen (Rodriguez will play Carmen Live Action Movie for Streaming Service, too). But, as well as asking the question that we all want to ask – where in the world is Carmen Sandigo, naturally – the same asks the other. Who Is she in the world?

This time, the answer is slightly different. We see Carmen's young days as a training master as an agent of V.I.L.E. but now, instead of staying with the evil group while stealing her way from trouble, Carmen will be a hero who will leave VIOLE. and uses his stealing skills to protect the treasures of the world from her gray hands together with the player (expressed by Foreign worksFin Wolffhard). Although we had taken Carmen who have a more, more noble heart of her theft in the past, turning her into a full-fledged enemy is a nice twist.

Carmen Sandego is scheduled to hit Netflix on January 18.

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