Saturday , February 27 2021

Carine "simply could not say" no "to Mafli on Netflix

Carien's voice Kapoor Kahn as cautious python Kaa won the hearts of all in Netflix's recent Hindi trailer of Mowgli

Apart from her, other Bollywood actors who borrowed their votes for the film – based on the classic of Rajah Kipling's "The Jungle Story" – include Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Abishek Bahzhan and Jackie Schroff.

Carren, at length, spoke of her character and why she decided to tell him "yes".

"Everyone grew up looking at the jungle book, and the whole of the youth was about Maugli, Baghera, Baloo and other characters. These characters actually lived with us. I think it's amazing that now we get them to see them on a global platform like Netflix," she on the red carpet of the world premiere of the movie on Sunday.

Talking about the character he likes most, the star "Weere di Wedding" says that Kaa, one of the oldest characters in the book of Jungle, is always her favorite.

"When the project was offered only to me, Saif (Ali Khan) said he hoped to be offered only Kaa, because it is a very powerful and unique character, so I am very honored to play and give my voice to this character, "she added.

Carriana further says that the experience is "very different". "My fans watched me do the girls with the following tasks, but I always tried to do something different, and with it everyone would be pleasantly surprised when they hear me playing Ka."

The actor, who also recently turned into a radio jockey, said that now, it's all about content that's available on different platforms. "While there is good content – and Netflix is ​​for good content – I can not say no. The same thing happened when I was offered this role."

So, is it open to making web-pages?

"Of course!" Replied the star "Takht" and added that it is wonderful to see how well "Sacred Games" – the criminal thriller for which the man Saif receives confessions – is received.

"Wherever I go, people ask me when the second season enters," she said.

Meanwhile, a timeless classic will be called in different languages, including Tamil and Telugu, for which fans will be able to see it in any language they want.

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