Monday , October 25 2021

Caps & # 39; Wilson has a suspension reduction of up to 14 games by an arbitrator


Forward Washington Capitals Tom Wilson has suspended 20 games to 14 by a neutral referee and can play immediately.

Wilson has already sat in 16 suspension matches for an illegal check at the head of St. Oskar Sundqvista before the match in the team in the final of the preseason teams.

Shyam Dasa's ruling allows Wilson to return on Tuesday night in Minnesota, and the 24-year-old will recover $ 378 049 from $ 1.26 million, which he initially lost as part of the suspension.

The 20-game ban issued by the NHL security department came after Wilson was suspended three times in 13 months.

Commissioner Gary Bettman upheld the suspension of Wilson's appeal before he went to Das, the same arbitrator who earlier this season reduced Nashville to bring home Austin Watson's domestic violence from 27 games to 18.

From September 2017, Wilson was suspended in two preseason games on interventions against Robert Thomas Blues, four matches to board Blues' Sammy & # 39; ego Blaisa 'and three playoff games for illegal control to head of Penguin' Zach Aston -Reese. "

Das wrote in his 42-page opinion that he agreed with the League that Wilson had broken the Rule 48 with an illegal check at the head and was not convinced by the Association of Players' arguments that contained the suggested suspension of eight matches. Das also wrote: "The length of the suspension imposed on 20 games was not supported by solid evidence" and decided on 14, treating the play-play suspension in three matches as six, doubling them according to Wilson's last story and adding two games to the Sundqvist shock and shoulder injury.

"The league did what they thought fit," Aston-Reese recently said when he was asked about Wilson's last suspension. "When a league falls, you always have to rethink your game and I'm sure it does what it thinks is best for it."

Das is the same neutral arbitrator launched by Major League Baseball in 2012 after he overthrew the drug suspension of Ryan Braun. The NHL scored the referee James Oldham in 2016, after he made the decision to reduce the suspension of Dennis Wideman's game to 10 for the hit and injury of an official.

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