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Canucks at Night: The Pettersson Appreciation Society

It's incredibly not the right word to describe Elias Peterson's Wednesday in Ottawa.

Tonight, we are just taking the evaluation of Travis Green for a timer of Elias Pettersson from tonight's media coverage of the media, which is Quote of the night:

"I do not think he was removing him as clean earlier in the year. He certainly has an elite timer," he told Jeff Paterson.

I asked Petterson what he was thinking when he was returning to a neutral zone before he won the winner after hitting the post.


I realized.

"This has always been a dream for which I have always worked. Now here I live a dream, playing in Vancouver," he said later.

The cannons were where they wanted to be.

"I was 5 years old and I had a Vancouver jersey … Google".



It's time to start one, do not you?

Pettersson Appreciation Society will be a PAS. It's the fur initiation. Please feel free to suggest a better name.

It just continues

He is scoring at a rate that is better than Malkin or McDavid. Crosby and Ovechkin slightly ahead. (Jeremy Davies of the Canucks Army pointed out that the debut season for the last two years was in the period 05-06, the first lockdown season when the judges broke up hard for hanging and holding, and the rate of reach jumped to levels that we have not seen since. )

This is called elite talent.

Thank you for the kindness that there were no lasting consequences of that stroke.

And on …

Oh, wait, there's more.

Seriously, we have not seen anything like this before this.

The sediments were good, but not global rearrangers as rookie. (Maybe they could have been if the Canucks had no top-six without them.)

Pavel Bure was remarkable as a rookie, scoring 36 times in 65 games (and 24 assists). But Pettersson, playing in a less-emitting era, achieves a better pace than Powder.

And Burre's total point is because he finally found his groove in February 1992. He scored 22 goals in the last 22 games of the season.

Think about it: Petterson has already found his groove, which is only January. The season is only half way and he plays with better pace than the greatest scorer in Chuck's history.

This is some train we are on.

Bayertz slams a house

When Sven Bayerti in November revealed to the Swiss newspaper that he was dealing with quite serious post-construction symptoms, I honestly wondered if his career was threatened.

He talked about things like the quality of life. When you are concerned about such basic things, there is something under his driving.

So, to see him return to health and return to the composition was a good thing. When you cover athletes, you want to see them at their best. You feel for them when they are prevented from doing so.

His goal on Wednesday was from a place where he was not usually dead at the tip of the wave.

I asked him for scoring the goal from the top of the sword.

"It depends," he said.

"With them, I thought I had a lot of space in front of the network. They did not push me.

"I was able to position myself to drink the puck, even after I had some time.

"Eddie looked at me and I think he was even surprised that I was alone there."

Kanus talked a lot about how important it is to make them a better job of taking the package out of the net.

Bayerti noted that senators, unlike the Demons on Monday, seemed to play a system that welcomed long shots. The devils, he noted, are defending themselves in layers, which means they end up blocking many shots.

"It's super hard to get through them. Sometimes it's a better option to shoot them from boards," he said.

Great game of Edler

Alex Edler can miss 14 matches due to injury this season, but he plays some of the best hockey in his career.

He has 19 points in 28 games.

He took three more assists, including the shot that led to Bayert's goal. He also broke out on a rush, which became the first goal of Pettersson and he set up a whole Petterson goalkeeper.

"He's a horse, he's playing great hockey now," Green told the guy who is obviously his defender at No.1 at the moment.

It is hard to think that he will give up his non-trade clause, although if Kanuk somehow guaranteed that he would offer him a contract for the return next season, he might have been.

He would be a trade chip.

Status of Leivo

Livestock, which was on the wing of Pettersson, left the game halfway through the first one.

I saw him coming out after the game, looking very stiff.

Green said she was dealing with a violation of "the upper body" and said she doubted Thursday's contest in Montreal.

Leivo, of course, will return home Saturday night when Canucks face Leafs.

His status may also throw wrinkles in the decision making of the team on how to deal with the launch of Brandon Sutter on Thursday.

As was noted elsewhere, there are rumors of trade around Nikolai Goldobin, and Green spoke strongly about what he wants to see from the young wings before the match, when it was confirmed to be zero.

Green, meanwhile, was delighted by Tim Schaller's work on the fourth line against Senators.

Playoff? Really? This? Still?

That idea was re-performed on Tuesday after a workout. Eric Gudbrunson stressed that this is a "pause or pause week".

It is about their pluralistic hopes.

Green was asked about the idea after the game.

There are many things on the table this season, but does he admit that his team wants to play "significant" games per section, and also hears the main goal that builds a team that will be a candidate sooner rather than later.

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