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Canceled "Diet of Santa Clarita" | Hollywood reporter

The third season of zombie comedy led by Drey Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant Santa Clarita Diet will be its last.

Streaming giant has decided to cancel the showrunner series Victor Fresco. The decision comes as little surprise given the power of the star in addition to the wonderful comedy for the couple in the suburbs and the fact that the series is owned and produced in the Netflix house.

"The world never knew" zom-com "until Santa Clarita Nutrition, and we are obliged to create Victor Fresco to bring this idea to Netflix, "Netflix said in a statement." For their endless credit, the incredible Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant were fully featured, with an incredible comedy skill that brought Sheila and Joel Hammond to life, although one of them was inanimate. We are grateful to Victor, Drew and Timothy, along with colleagues executive producer Traki Ketsky, Aaron Kaplan, Chris Miller and Ember Trudeel and the wonderful character, including Liv Hewson and Skiler Gizondo, as well as the crew of three funny seasons for Netflix members discover the coming years. "

While Netflix did not announce it before Santa Clarita Diet will end with the third season (which started on March 29), promotional materials for the latest series of episodes suggest a fatal decision. The trailer insists that Oliphant's character may become inanimate, enabling him and his wife and colleague Realla Sheila (Barrymore), whose transformation to the uninvited early in the season one set the series on the go, together to pass eternity together. Posters for the third season posed the question "Till Death?"

"Like our audience, we are all connected with Shila and Joel, and their relationship, before an incredible disaster, was inspiring to write and watch, they were mostly funny, which is important in comedy." Tim, along with the immensely talented Liv and SkyLife, was a joy and once in a lifelong experience, "said in a joint statement Friday, Fresco producer and executor Tracey Ketsky. "Netflix was coincidental to this strange play and for that we will always be grateful, they were supportive, always positive and appreciative of our work. At about noon today, however, they were just one phone call away from being a perfect studio. bad, everything is over, it was something, and we will miss it, but we are proud of the work we have done and we will always appreciate the love and enthusiasm we felt from our audience., Sila and Joel will continue 10,000 more years. "

Two weeks later Santa Clarita DietThe second season fell last year, Fresco said the writers are already returning to work at a then unannounced third installment and that there are many that they can still explore with Joel, Shila and their suburban community. "There are always more stories. The whole season has been going on for two weeks, and the season two takes place over two weeks, so they are still only about a month in this amazing change through which they pass," Fresco told Joel and Sheila.

"Of all the characters I have, Sila Hammond is one of my favorites," said the star and EP Barimore. "She and Joel were an amazing couple, who had common goals, and I am happy to work with Tim Oliphant, it was my honor to do something so wonderful Sheila lives forever in me and I am grateful to Victor Fresco, who created a world so unique ".

Added star and EP Oliphant: "I wanted to work on this show, I will continue to come and do scenes. If they do not want to record it, it's up to them."

Although Fresco and his team did not receive Netflix data for the show, he previously said: "We are listening anecdotally to people and I think it is well accepted. I know that people who are important to me in my friends and family and the actors of the show really enjoyed it and I'm really happy with that, so it matters to me. I feel good about it, and the things I heard are also good, and what I read is very positive about what I also enjoy. touched people in a way that I did not expect when I first created it. "

The show was updated in the third season just weeks after that. Netflix, like other colleagues Amazon and Hulu, do not famously publish information about viewers. Santa Clarita Diet has an average of 89 percent among critics and 87 percent of the audience for its three seasons of rotten tomatoes.

Speaking THR Freska said that he and his team did not know anything about the fate of the show and that nothing was decided on whether the show would be updated or canceled.

"We are aware that the show becomes more expensive each year, we are aware of what looks like templates of [Netflix’s] Studio works now. It looks like mostly three seasonal things, "he said, apparently confirming the recent report that the show now looks like there are two or three seasonal business models for many series." We know that they like the show. I want to say that people seem to love the show; I do not know how an algorithm feels for us, and the algorithm makes many decisions, ultimately. So I just do not know. "

Fresco, who said he had imagined a series of works over a period of five seasons, and his team made the final season three, not knowing what the future of the show is, he adds, adding that if that episode turned into a series finale, "We wanted let's just leave it hopefully to be content if we do not go back, but we also promise something that can be really interesting to explore whether we will return. "

Santa Clarita Diet marked the first Barrymore series in the regular television role. He has since said that it is the script Santa Clarita Diet which made her want to act again. Fresco, Barimore, Oliphant, Arab Kaplan from Capital Entertainment and Tracy Ketsky, Chris Miller and Ember Truesel.

The cancellation arrives after Netflix continues to carefully reassess its internal data as it makes the recovery decisions. The streaming, which spends more than $ 8 billion on the original, usually takes extra costs as a serial age. Netflix recently pulled the plug of critical comedy One day in a row after three seasons after the current could not make a new contract with the owners / producers Sony TV. This followed the Netflix's decision to discontinue the links with Marvel and to smooth out all his remaining plays (all of which were owned by Disney).

But while One day in a row and the Marvel series Netflix thrown came from outside studios, Santa Clarita Diet is the production of Netflix.

So, if the streamer decides to pull the plugin to its own series, it is not known if Fresco can take the comedy Netflix has elsewhere.

"I can not see how it can be bought elsewhere because Netflix is ​​a studio. I have not explored it and it will be something that will be easy to find in a phone call, if it is even possible to take it to I just do not know if it's so, because they own it completely, "he said.

Several comedies of Netflix lasted more than three seasons, with American Vandal, All for Washingtons, Haters Reject!, Lady Dynamite, Undivided and Love all end in three seasons or less. Multi-year award candidate Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt earlier this year, he broadcast his fourth and final season, a finish that was announced ahead of time. Other long-standing comedies include Grace and Frankie, the longest-running actress series of the acting scene, which was revived earlier this year for the sixth season; Stopped development, which recently debuted in the second half of its fifth season and was erected by Fox and only aired two new seasons on the streaming platform, the first of which fell in 2013; and more wider skipping ticket like Ranch, which was renewed last fall for the fourth season, and Fuller house, which should end with the upcoming fifth season.

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