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Canadian MP Graal resigned to fight gambling in Chandigarh | chandigarh

Raidvider Greval gave up his Liberal MP from East Brampton as he struggles with personal addiction to gambling.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, 33-year-old Ludhiana's leader, better known as Raj Gerval, said: "As many Canadians who are suffering from addiction problems, I realize that I have a problem. My focus now is on my mental health and spending time with my family as I recover. "

"To my family, friends and supporters, I am sorry that I have disappointed you. All of you have poured so much time, energy and love into me. My constituents and colleagues put my faith in me to serve. I enjoy my work, each a minute from that. But recently, I knew that I could no longer serve my constituents with the best of my ability because of my personal problem. That's why I decided to spend some time in caring for my health, "he wrote, privacy.

In a statement released by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office, it was also explained that Graal resigned to seek treatment for the gambling problem, which "made him take on significant personal debts".

Trendo backs Gerval's decision and announces Twitter "Yesterday (Thursday) I learned that Raj Gral faces serious personal challenges, and today he announced he is stepping down as a Bremppton East deputy. Although it may have been a tough decision, it was the right I hope that he will get the support he needs. "


The move is an obstacle for the Punjabi diaspora in the province of Canada in Ontario and for the Trudeau team after Gural, who originated from the village of Saraba in Ludhiana, was re-appointed by the Liberal Party as a candidate for the federal election in 2019. Labor will now have to call for a filling before that because of the time of resignation.

Graham, who assumed office at the House of Commons in Canada on October 19, 2015, made his first article via the Facebook Post on Thursday evening, citing "personal and medical" reasons. At the same time, he said he hoped to be able to re-represent his constituency.

First published: November 25, 2018 13:49 IST

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