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Canadian couple shy about kissing behind a dead lion in photo safaris

The Edmonton couple are facing an intense online reaction to the photo showing that they are kissing a dead lion during a hunting trip to South Africa.

A viral photo shows a man and a woman who advocate a "romantic" picture of the male lion's trunk during a hunting safari last month. It was originally published on the Facebook page of Legelela Safaris, a trophy hunting company that offers customers a wide range of animals such as booty, including lions. The title of the photo identifies the couple as Carolyn and Darren Carter of Edmonton.

It's unclear who shot the lion or was legally killed, but hunting big games is legal according to South African law.

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"Working hard in the warm Kalahari sun … well done," says the original post, according to reports. "Monster Lion".

Another photograph shows that the couple presented themselves with a corpse of a male white lion.

The lion's photo sparked an intense adverse reaction on the Internet, where many users flooded the Facebook page of Cartier with angry comments.

"Your disgusting hunt pictures made headlines," wrote the user Justa Kruger on their site. "You are not heroes, but villains. How shame you are."

Others suggest that both will become victims of karma in the future.

The Facebook page of Legelela Safaris has since been deleted.

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Carter owns and works with Solitude Taxidermy in the county of Parlend, Alta., According to their Facebook page. It looks like they shared photo safaris on their Facebook and Twitter accounts in early July. Their Facebook and Instagram accounts have since been transferred to private. Their Twitter account still includes tweets about the trip.

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"Back to South Africa! Part two of our safaris!" They Twitter on June 26. The tweet also mentions Lezhla Safari.

Carter did not respond to Global News requests for comment; nor Lezhela Safari.

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The reaction reacts similarly to anxiety in 2015, when an American dentist was ashamed of posing with a lion called Cecil, who killed him in Zimbabwe.

The Solitude Taxidermy site shows Carters posing for hunting pictures of various dead animals.

Carolyn and Darren Carter are shown with an animal corpse in this image posted on their company's website.

Solitude Taxidermy

The site also shows the work of a couple for different creatures, including a polar bear.

"We are hunters and we know the significance of the great taxiotherm," says the site.

The couple is also listed as a husband and wife team on the Parkland Outdoors website.

"Darren and Carolyn are hunters and conservators with a passion as serious as their career," the description says. She adds that they traveled and fished widely, including in Africa.

"Their new goal is to record and share their hunting experiences for people to enjoy," the site said.

Lezhela Safaris's website lists the prices for more than two dozen animals, including a baboon ($ 200), wild meat ($ 850), a giraffe ($ 3,000) and a hyena ($ 3,500). Prices for rhinoceros, elephant, lion or hippo can be provided on request, according to the location.

The company allows users to shoot animals with cameras or pistols.

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