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Canada adds 72 coronavirus deaths as 4 provinces report high numbers

Canada adds 4,992 new cases New corona virus Four provinces announced new highs for daily infections on Saturday.

Health officials reported another 72 deaths caused by KOVID-19, but only 45 deaths in the last 24 hours. To date, the total number of coronavirus infections in Canada is 325,409, and the number of deaths is 11,406. Since then, 258,000 patients have recovered from the virus and 13,650,000 tests have been performed.

Data on Saturday paints only a limited picture of the virus spreading across Canada, but not all territories except Nunavut and British Columbia and PEI will release new KOVID-19 numbers over the weekend.

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How many Canadians have a new coronavirus? Total number of confirmed cases by regions

Health authorities in New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta reported new one-day peaks in diagnosis, registering 23, 1,588, 439 and 1,336 new cases, respectively, as the country’s top doctor once again sounded the alarm.

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“Long-term care homes, complex living conditions and hospitals and indigenous communities are on the rise,” Dr. Teresa Tom said in a written statement.

“These developments are far-reaching, causing countless Canadians to become ill, causing serious health care disruptions, and providing significant challenges for areas that are not adequately prepared to deal with complex medical emergencies.”

These areas include the joint flight of Fly du Lock First Nation in northern Saskatchewan, which reported 63 cases of KOVID-19 as of Saturday – 55 of which are active.

About 1,000 people call the remote community home, and more than 300 have been told to isolate themselves.

Coronavirus: Restrictions on locking in Toronto, peeling experts say Spike travels to York area

Coronavirus: Restrictions on locking in Toronto, peeling area experts say Spike travels to York area

Saskatchewan Prime Minister Scott Moe called 439 new cases “very relevant” in his province on Saturday, adding an average of seven days to new daily cases, which is higher than 203.

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Nunavut registered an increase in new cases of KOVID-19, although it did not exceed the highest day.

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On Saturday, there were 25 new cases in the territory, including 22 severely affected Arviat and three whales.

There are 107 active infections in the territory, which confirmed its first case two weeks ago.

People coming to the northwestern territories and the Yukon need another 14 days of self-segregation, while the provincial public health order in BC. prohibits social gatherings of any size in private homes, except between members of the same “basic bubble”.

Elsewhere, the number of cases rose in Atlantic Canada, with Nova Scotia reporting eight new cases on Saturday, bringing the number of active infections to 33, while Fufundland and Labrador reported five new cases for a total of 18 active infections.

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There are now 8,012 active infections in Manitoba, of which 385 are new cases and 10 have died. The province has had the highest rate of new infections per capita in Canada for weeks.

Addressing members of the Progressive Conservative Party at the meeting, Prime Minister Brian Polyester was on defense on Saturday, saying “every province west of Nova Scotia has the highest number in the last few days, including Manitoba”.

“It is not fruitful to try to make a political argument that the Manitoba government lost the ship when everyone in the Western world is currently under attack – if it is right, it is not,” he said.

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Alberta reports 1,336 new cases of KOVID-19 daily, with 9 deaths Saturday

There were 1,189 new cases and 32 deaths in Quebec, five of which occurred in the last day, while 646 were hospitalized.

Alberta set a new one-day record for new infections on the third day with 1,336 cases on Saturday. Officials said the massive victim had damaged the health system and thwarted efforts to find contacts because public health workers were unaware of where most of the province’s 11,274 active infections had been transmitted.

Ontario added another 1,588 cases of the virus on Saturday, setting a new one-day record for new infections. The new data comes amid severe restrictions in some areas of the province that will be implemented on Monday.

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Another 21 deaths were reported by health authorities, bringing the total number of deaths in the province to 102,378 and the death toll to 3,472.

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Coronavirus: Shoppers Gather in Toronto Mall, Palin, Before Blocking

Coronavirus: Shoppers Gather in Toronto, Palin Mall, Before Blocking

If Canadians do not severely restrict their contacts in an effort to stop broadcasting, the increase will come a day after new federal modeling showed that the daily heights of KOVID-19 could reach 20,000 nationwide.

Tom reported 52,739 active infections nationwide, with an average of 71 deaths each day from November 13 to 19 to 1,840 hospitalized.

The increase “puts pressure on local health care resources and forces hospitals to make critical decisions to abolish election operations and procedures in many areas,” she said in a statement.

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Coronavirus: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urges G20 to do more to fight pandemic

Coronavirus: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urges G20 to do more to fight pandemic

Worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University, the number of people infected with the virus exceeds 57,365,000. As of Saturday, 1,368,000 people had been infected with the virus, leading to deaths in the United States, Brazil and India.

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