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Can Gustafsson upset Jones for gold?

MMAjunkie Radio co-host and MMAjunkie contributor Dan Tom breaks down the ultimate UFC attacks. Today, we look at the main event for the UFC 232.

UFC 232 takes place on Saturday at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The main card is broadcast on pay-per-view after the tops of FS1 and UFC Fight Pass.

John Jones (22-1 MMA, 16-1 UFC)

Basic informations:

  • Height: 6 "4" Age: 31 Weight: 205 kg Scope: 84 "
  • Last fight: No match with Daniel Cormier (July 29, 2017)
  • Camp: Jackson-Wink MMA (New Mexico)
  • Ends / strike style: Switch-attitude / kick-boxing
  • Risk Management: Fair

Additional information:
+ Former UFC World Heavyweight Champion
+ National WUCO Wrestling Championship
+ 9 KO won
+ 6 won wins
+ 7 ends in the first round
+ Athletic and agile
+ Creative and dynamic striker
^ Preterranean instincts and improvisations
+ Effectively dictate range
^ Bumblebee, bangs, hand labels
+ Deceptively effective in pins
^ Outstanding manual fight / engagement
+ More removal tools
+ Destructive lander on the ground
+ Always trying to provide a circle
^ It's always late

Alexander Gustafsson (18-4 MMA, 10-4 UFC)

Basic informations:

  • Height: 6 "5" Age: 31 Weight: 205 kg Reach: 79 "
  • Last battle: A knockout victory over Glover Teiseira (May 28, 2017)
  • Camp: Allstars Training Center (Sweden)
  • Flat / kick style: Orthodox / kickboxing
  • Risk Management: Good

Additional information:
+ Amateur boxing experience
+ 11 KO won
+ 3 won wins
+ 8 ends in the first round
+ KO Power
+ Consistent pace and pressure
^ Top cardio and conditioning
+ Good part of your legs / moves well
+ High volume perforator
^ Accurate charcoal, cookie and heat
+ Dangerous knees
+ Subordinate wrestling
^ Improved firing ability
+ Solid top play / pressure
+ Good urgency

Point of interest: The first battle

In what was one of the best titles fighting for the UFC's history, UFC 165's main performance featured incredible John Jones, who was supposed to defend his title against rising candidate Alexander Gustafsson.

From the beginning, the fighting temperature has exceeded expectations.

Gustafsson, the challenger, began greatly, using appropriate pressure and boxing to stifle the rhythm of Jones, as well as securing the first blow ever made to the then champion. Jones picked up competently in the second, but it was clear that something was wrong, especially when thinking about the chances projected by the good and the public.

But regardless of any speculation on Jones's ability to easily get Gustafsson (or even the fact that Jones was quite a lot of fun in the lead), it turned out that we all underestimated the Swedish challenger to some extent. Not only that, but also stylistic, the same promotion of size that many critics criticized became an obvious foil worth discussing.

Jones, though much more dynamic in his striking tools, seemed to show little inconvenience when he could not dictate the range in his usual indisputable way, especially when he was pushing into the box's range. And when the American phenomenon returned to its witch to equalize the terms (something that he had previously done against longer, more threats to threatening strokes), Gustafsson seemed to surprise us all, firmly charged Jones' shots and split up on several occasions.

However, he came to the fourth round, Jones showed why he is a fighter for the level of the champion.

Despite Gustafsson, he probably made his best work in the fight for the first four minutes of the frame, the Swede briefly released his guard and entered into the trap Jones was trying to put up the whole fight – the front elbow.

The horse flew, interweaving the Swedish fighter, who might have been saved from the bell. And in the fifth round, wounded and exhausted, Gustafsson grew into a new world-class Jones, who finally earned a self-destruction. Jones came up with a decision that was much narrower than the presented figure numbers, but one thing is certain: every person has earned criticism that night.

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