Friday , May 7 2021

Buyers complain Surface Go keyboard is not designed as a Surface Pro keyboard

It seems that the case of "You get what you pay"As buyers complain, the $ 99 Surface Go cover seems to have some drawbacks in design compared to a $ 129-sized window.

Publishing Reddit, the user TheOnlyBs complains:

I use my walking primarily as a tablet, but I bought a cover for the type after a few weeks because it was a minimalist look to protect the screen. I recently read about scrolling the keyboard backwards during prolonged use to reduce stress on the hinge (genius suggestion btw), but mine is not completely set.

Is the GO keyboard not symmetric like Pro? Unusual if any other GO owner sees this or if there is a defective keyboard and / or device. Keep in mind that it does not seem to fit pretty nicely as my Pro even faces the normal way. spent some time looking for the problem and found two problems that, unfortunately, work together to make your Surface Go Type Cover less durable and less flexible than the more expensive version.

They report that the buttons on the surface layer of the lid type are less hollow than the surface probe, so when the keyboard is folded under the screen when you use the device in a tablet mode, the buttons scratch the table and are easily damaged.

It can be seen on these images below:

Surface Pro type cover

Coverage on the surface.

The traditional solution for this is the fixing of the Back Cover type so that the buttons face the back of the Surface tablet, which is easy to do on Surface Pro. On Surface Go, however, it appears that the keyboard connector is not symmetrical, which means that the magnetic connectors and the guide bar do not fit properly when changing. The keypad is still attached, but now it comes out, and plastic appears vulnerable to damage in this configuration. The issue is well illustrated in the image of WindowsUnited below.

Although the keyboard issue is less embedded, it's easy to forgive because of the smaller size of the Surface Go keyboard, there seems to be no reason why the keyboard could not be rendered symmetric and easily reversible, with the exception of Microsoft that devotes less attention to their cheaper products.

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