Saturday , July 31 2021

Bruins makes a big entrance to the Winter Classic's Peaky Blinders suits

South Bend, India –– The idea came up on Halloween, when a group of young Boston Bruins players appeared in coordinated teams, inspired by the BBC series "Peaky Blinders". From there, with a defender Tori Krug hiring the tailor and the entire Bruins team for orders for the 2019 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic.

They entered the Notre Dame stadium on Tuesday morning, looking like gangsters in the 1920s, in three-piece suits and stairs caps, led by a defender Zdeno Chara, who decided on a flat hat, and forward Patrice Bergeron.

"We know for a long time," Bruins defender Matt Gerselk said the plan.

Grzelcyk, who was one of the players who initially wore Halloween clothes, went up to two tonnes on Tuesday, complemented by a tie with a snake design.

"This is a great day for many of us, we are scrambling to get there," he said.

Bruins takes Chicago Blackhawks to South Bend, India, in the Winter Classic on Tuesday (1st ET, NBC, SN, TWAS).

"It's a Winter Classic, so you have to rise on that occasion, having fun with it," said Gertschek.

And it was an easy decision, given how popular the show is among Bruins players, which Grzelcyk called "a big hit in our locker".

By the time Brad Marchand – who confirmed on Tuesday that he will play in the winter classic – he addressed the media before the match, he has already turned into a brown winter classic coaching outfit.

But he was not entirely happy about it.

"I'm actually kind [annoyed] the public relations staff for not taking me here when everyone was tagged, "he said, joking." Can I change and get back? "

Marchan said the entire team bought immediately after the idea.

"We wanted to have fun with that," Markand said. "This is a cool experience. We wanted to do something a little different."

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