Tuesday , August 3 2021

Brock professor returns to the classroom after an inquiry into sexual harassment

Brock University says a professor disciplined by the university after an investigation into sexual harassment is back in the classroom next week.

Professor David Simmelpennik should teach for a non-compulsory second year after nearly three years of absence from the classroom. The absence was the result of a discipline after the investigation of sexual harassment, the University of PS News confirmed.

The university says that absence also refers to health problems and crammed academic leave.

The return comes after the decision of the arbitrator dated December 14, which concluded that Simmelpenpenk should be allowed to return to the classroom, "according to the collective agreement of the university with his association of faculties," the university said in a letter to the EC. 3.

However, it is said that conditions for returning Schimmelpenninck to teaching are laid down.

"He agreed to these conditions and took steps to meet them, including completing the coach for respecting workplace practices," the e-mail says.

Brock does not elaborate further on the conditions.

The announcement reads that Simmelpenpenck returned to the campus in the summer of 2018, but he should not have taught in the autumn mandate. However, the arbiter has since confirmed his right to do so.

"Unwanted sexual advancement"

The finding of sexual harassment dates back to October 2014, when Simmelpennyn introduced his students to the local campus for his class of drinks.

After closing the bar, he invited a female student and another male student back to his office for more alcohol.

According to the investigation, the male student finally went home, leaving the female student alone with the professor.

"It was after my friend left that he closed the door and came and sat down to me and that's when the incident happened," the woman told PS News in 2016.

The university investigated the issue and hired a lawyer.

Allegations of sexual harassment date from October 2014, when prof. David Simmelpennyne introduced the students to the local campus for his class of drinks. (University of Brock Website)

The lawyer's investigation revealed that the incident "included unwanted sexual advancement, inappropriate and unwanted physical contact, comments on a sexual nature, [and] provocative comment that seeks to organize the current intimacy. "

The university received a reaction after the KBS investigation in 2016 found that Brock had warned a former student to keep silent for an internal investigation that had set her professor to give him alcohol and tried to force himself to sexually.

"Brock University estimates that the incident in 2016 was a difficult chapter for the university community. For the past three years, Brock has taken significant steps to develop its policies, procedures and resources to more effectively address human rights issues and better respond to good neighborly relations , to be all on campus, "the statement said.

She says Brock has taken several steps to protect members of her community.

"The University continuously applies improvements and best practices to deal with concerns related to sexual assault and ill-treatment, as well as to provide a safe environment for the Brock community."

The PSC is trying to reach Simmelpenkin for comment.

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