Thursday , November 26 2020

Bob Burgers Molineux sisters to write “Deadpool 3”

Illustration for iBobs Burgers / ii / iWendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin for co-writing iDeadpool 3 / i

Photography: Visual China Group through Getty Images / Visual China Group through Getty Images

Two writers go from “Beef Belkers” to “Merc with Mouth” this week, as Diversity reports that Lizzie Molinex-LogeLynn and Wendy Molinex, who have spent most of the last decade with featherweight episodes Burgers by Bob and their upcoming animated sitcom The Great North, were prompted to write Deadpool 3. The news comes at a time when the superhero movie starring Ryan Reynolds is entering the world of Disney and Marvel “official” movies, which I hope will not reduce the number of X-Men who say “fuck,Or the volume of random people obtaining shot in the head.

On two previous movies in Deadpool series were written (contributed by Reynolds) by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick; the duo where they allegedly developed the script for the third film, but it seems that it fell by the wayside. The Molinex sisters, started their debut on TV with Burgers by Bob, where they served as co-producers, staff writers, story editors and more; Fox obviously liked their new show, Great North, so much so, that it has already been approved for a second season before the debut of its first. Hiring two writers so strongly associated with a (routine top) animated family sitcom raises some interesting questions about where the tone of Deadpool 3 is at the helm, but Disney probably knows it would only have shot itself in the leg if it had trying to extract the R-rating of “AaaaaRrrrrg I’m Dedpul, entertainment mercenary who wants to talk about his dick.”

There is still no information when the film is expected to start shooting, but in the meantime, hey: This is Bob Burgers by Bob with Deadpool swords, so that’s kind of fun.

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