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B.C. the couple killed by train recently celebrated 70 years together Staff, with a report from CTV Vancouver Bright Carsten-Smith

Posted on Monday, December 31, 2018 21:11 EST

Last Updated on Monday, 31 December 2018 22:11 EST

The couple who died together after being hit by a freight train in British Columbia on Sunday recently celebrated their 70th anniversary at the wedding.

Christian Heitke (90) and Igerr Hasthok (88) died after the car was stopped on the Canadian Pacific route in Langley, BC, about 50km east of Vancouver.

Granddaughter Christie Martins described the couple as devoted to her family and to each other. She said they celebrated their anniversary in September.

The RCMP said the car was stopped on the track when the crossing arm was lowered. The CNC air train in the west burst into the vehicle, pushing it more than a mile.

Sgt. David Brown from Langley RCMP told CTV Vancouver that the first respondents tried to rescue the couple.

Police continue to investigate what happened. No mechanical problem or medical episode is excluded.

Langley Deputy Chief of Fire Brian Godlonton said the first responders were trained for similar accidents last month in the city.

"Unfortunately they happen very often," he said.

The province installs signs at several key intersections that will warn drivers earlier for future trains.

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