Sunday , August 1 2021

B.C. Hydro finishes work on the Gulf Islands

B.C. Hydro withdrew its latest emergency teams near Salt Spring Island and other southern islands on Sunday after regaining its lost power when the storm struck the coast on December 20th.

Ted Olinik, a spokesman for BC. Hydro said the repair work, with the exception of a few isolated cases, was completed by Sunday afternoon.

"We will have everyone whose power was out because of the storm, we will return them today," Olinik said in a telephone interview. "The mission is complete."

A storm struck the Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands with rains of up to 88 km / h. Branches, debris and whole trees broke into energy lines, breaking the power of more than 150,000 users.

Olinik said at the peak of the repair efforts, B.C. Hydro had 900 workers 16 hours a day. The support of crews from the Vancouver Island was teams that were enrolled in B.C. Interior, Alberta and as much as Maritim.

At one point, B.C. Hydro had more than 350 trucks and their crews operating in the Bay of Islands.

"So, our teams now get a chance to go home and spend Christmas with their families," Olinik said.

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