Thursday , April 22 2021

Azerbaijan GP first practice canceled after loose brains cover destroys Williams car

Baku, Azerbaijan – The first practical session for the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan was interrupted in fairly chaotic circumstances on Friday, after Williams of George Russell was damaged by a loose drainage cover.

The floors on Williams floor were torn apart while the cover expanded and pierced the hole at the bottom of the car. To make things worse, the recovery vehicle that took the destroyed car hit the bridge through the circuit while it's back in the pit-tape. With the security checks needed on all the drain pipes on the circuit, the session was completely canceled.

"I just hit it, my biggest shock is through my body," said Russell. "The whole engine is just turned off, it is destroyed on the floor.

"It was just on a normal racing line and ruined my session."

The 6,003 km (3.73 miles) stretch has over 300 shafts, and although the problem is believed to be isolated on a single roof of the brains that failed, everyone will be subjected to additional checks before the second session. The Formula 2 qualifying session did not start as scheduled at 3 am local time, but the second practice still needs to continue after the necessary checks.

When Russell's car was finally found on the pit bar and dropped back to the racetrack, the huge damage to the car's floor was clearly seen. It is a huge blow to the Williams team, which has not enough spare parts since the start of the year, when it missed the opening of the two and a half days of testing due to the delay of its car in 2019.

Team boss Claire Williams said he expects better than the premiere category of motor racing.

"The circuit should ensure that their drainage covers are properly glued," she told the BBC. "It's simply not acceptable. The damage that can be done can take us this afternoon.

"We have another chassis that we may need to get in. And that's not what Formula 1 needs to do."

Similar incidents took place in front of the street circuits, including the drainage of the runway that damaged Wiltsham to Valter Botas in 2016 in 2016. In 2017, the loose cover of the Malaysian Grand Prix caused 500,000 pounds damage to one of House F1- which the US team successfully claimed in compensation through the Segange Insurance Policy.

Williams later confirmed that Russell's car will be subject to a chassis change, which means it will not be able to return to the FP3 trail on Saturday morning at the earliest.

After the recovery vehicle hit the bridge, world exports showed several Williams mechanics who shook their heads into the pit. She also showed the Red Bull driver, Max Verpeperen and the team's adviser, Helmut Marco, who laughed at the disbelief of the paintings.

World champion driver Lewis Hamilton also spotted the light of the incident, saying the canceled session gave him more time to experience the Game of Thrones, which he recently watched during the final of the series.

Neither Hamilton nor Mercedes's team-mate Valter Botas did not notice a lap before the incident, which occurred after 13 minutes of the 90's for the session. The only drivers to set a timeline were Ferrari, Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel.

Playing on the city's promotional slogan City Circuit since its first race in 2016, Daniel Richardo released a sarcastic tweet because repairs are taking place on the right track.

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