Friday , May 14 2021

Apple releases the new iPhone XS case and Apple Watch's colors in the band, there are no iPhone XR cases yet

Apple today quietly released a new collection of colors for its iPhone XS silicone cases and Apple Watch sports groups. New colors include Hibiscus, White Yellow and Pacific Green. Furthermore, Apple also began selling the new colors of the Nike Sport Loop that originally started through Nike earlier this month.

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For iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, Apple introduced three new silicone colors. The new colors, Hibiscus, Mellow Yellow and Pacific Green, cost the same as other Apple cases at $ 39 for the two models of the iPhone XS.

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch sports band is now available in the same three colors. New bands also start at the same price as other sports groups at $ 49.

Last but not least, Apple itself is now selling the new Apple Slay bands, released exclusively by Nike earlier this month. Those new colors include Smoki Move, Olive Flax and Heavenly Body. You can collect new sports cycles for $ 49 each.

Despite this week's refurbishment of the iPhone XS and the Apple Watch accessories line, Apple still does not sell any iPhone XR cases. While the company has indicated it will issue a clear case for the colorful iPhone XR, it is not yet available, with Apple selling third-party options from companies like OtterBox.

If you order new bands and cases today, the Apple website shows that they will arrive by Monday. If you decide to pickup a store, Apple says it will be available by next Tuesday.

Do you plan to take any of the new Apple Watch or iPhone XS cases? Let us know in the comments.

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