Friday , October 22 2021

Apple offers free iPhone X and Macbook Pro repairs


Do you have problems with the iPhone X? Or maybe your Apple MacBook Pro? If so, you can qualify for a free repair in the Apple store.

Over the weekend, Apple quietly announced that it offers free repairs for some hardware problems on some devices. The problems affect the iPhone X touch function and data loss or disk failure in the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

"Apple has found that some iPhone X displays may encounter touch problems due to an item that can fail on the display module," says the company.

In particular, some devices have screens that do not always respond to touch, while others report that the iPhone X screen sometimes reacts when it has not even been touched.

This was a problem often reported by Apple users online. In August, there were three separate Reddit threads in which clients reported and discussed the problems they faced on the screen of the iPhone X, including "ghost touch" and interrupted functionality.

On the support page for the problem, Apple said it would replace the display module on the right devices free of charge.

"No other iPhone models are part of this program," he wrote.

When it comes to the Macbook Pro, some models of a 13-inch laptop without a touch bar "have a problem that can cause data loss and disk failure," – said Apple. According to the company, the defect applies to some laptops sold between June 2017 and June 2018.

On the Apple support website for this problem, you can check whether your model (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt, 3 ports) qualifies for a free repair. If you have this model, you can enter the computer's serial number here to check if it qualifies for a free repair program.

Customers will need to make sure they have backed up their data before starting the site because the computer's disk will be erased as part of the patch.

"No files that were damaged before the service was started can not be restored," said Apple.

This is the last hurdle of Apple & # 39; which products have experienced a number of unusual technical problems in recent years, including faulty MacBook keyboards, overheating laptops, swelling Apple Watch batteries, error saga 53 that made the iPhone unusable, and The iPhone choked controversy in which Apple confessed to slowing down the old iPhone.

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