Sunday , April 11 2021

Appearance of gonorrhea reported in New Brunswick

The chief medical officer of health in New Brunswick declared a provincial appearance of gonorrhea.

The increase in the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases has prompted the move, said Dr Jennifer Russell at a press conference on Friday.

Twenty cases were reported in the province between January and March, she said.

The provincial average over the same period over the past five years was 12.

Last year, a total of 96 cases were reported in the province, compared to the annual average over the previous five years of 54 years.

In the first quarter of 2019, 20 cases of gonorrhea were reported. The average during the same period over the past five years was 12 cases. 0:58

Russell reminds New Brunswickers of the importance of practicing safe sex and urges those who have unprotected sex to be tested.

They may have been exposed without their knowledge, she said.

The partner can be difficult to follow

Sexually transmitted diseases, sometimes called infections, are caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites that pass from one person to another through unprotected sexual contact.

"Social media software allows people to quickly communicate to organize anonymous sexual encounters, resulting in increased difficulties in monitoring sexually transmitted infections," Russell said.

"When people do not know the identities of their sexual partners, it's difficult to contact those partners for testing and treatment for monitoring."

If they are not treated, sexually transmitted diseases can have lasting effects on human health and cause infertility, she said.

It is not unusual for people who have sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, HIV, syphilis, and chlamydia, have more than one infection at the same time, she said.

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