Sunday , January 17 2021

Antonio Gibson gives Washington a lot to be thankful for

During a break in their game on Thursday, FOX broadcasters Troy Aikman and eo Buck showed viewers their placement in the NFC East – a win-win division.

None of the teams have record victories, so none of them would be good enough to even place a runner-up in any of the other seven NFL divisions. But the playoffs are in play, and it is still very much available.

“Someone will show up and someone will host the playoffs,” Aikman said.

“Those are the rules,” Buck added.

“Those are the rules,” Aikman repeated, as if to convince himself.

Currently, the Washington (4-7) football team appeared after beating the Dallas Cowboys (3-8) during the annual US Thanksgiving match at Jerry World.

Washington should be especially grateful that the rookie brought back Antonio Gibson, who dominated Dallas with a total of 136 yards and three touchdowns. He is the first rookie to find the finish line three times on Randy Moss’s Thanksgiving in 1998.

Gibson was the seventh back to be selected in the 2020 draft (third round, 66 in total), but his 11 fast touchdowns dwarf all his peers (Robes Robinson, uncertain, is second with five).

He completed the hat trick on a 37-yard touchdown pass, breaking through the seam of the defense and never looking back.

Gibson now has eight touchdowns in his last five games. He is a bright spot in an average team in a really scary division.

Aside from Gibson’s great game, here’s what else happened during Thanksgiving doubleheader:

River boat … Mike?

Washington head coach Ron Rivera has been nicknamed “Ron Boat Fisherman” after years of risky decisions. But on Thursday, the coach on the other side, Mike McCarthy, tried his luck several times – and paid the price.

McCarthy’s cowboys went one-fourth to fourth place – including a comically fake bet – on their way to the biggest loss on Thanksgiving since 1989.

In the second quarter, they failed 4 and 1 of their 34. Washington scored a touchdown five games later.

In the fourth, they ordered a hunt and tried to reverse – but no one seems to have told the boys in advance that they should block.

Oh, and it is important to note that only four points were played at that time. Until Washington scored a goal in the game that followed, that is.

For good measure, the last ride of the Cowboys in the game stopped at the 4th and 4th passes, which went for three yards. Because not?

McCarthy – typically the 2nd player in 2nd and long draws and playing on goal on the pitch – is likely to return to his ways of taking risks after this one.

Watson, Fuller illuminates the secondary Lions

For example, Deshaun Watson and Will Fuller W both had fills.

Watson threw 318 yards and four touchdowns, while Fuller had six roles (all first downs) for 171 yards and two touchdowns as the Texans beat the Lions in Detroit.

For Watson, it was the seventh game with a quartet of touchdown passes or more – and it’s more games than any other passerby in Texas history combined.

Fuller, meanwhile, became only the fifth recipient since 1970 to provide a pair of touchdowns and surpass the 150-yard Thanksgiving courtyard (joining Amari Cooper, 2018; Randy Moss, 1998; Brett Periman, 1995; and Anthony Carter, 1987). .

Injuries due to injuries to Randall Cobb and Kenny Steeles, combined with the presence of the Lions’ porous defense (ranked 27th in yards and 28th in points), fueled a strong link between Watson and his main target.

It helped that Fuller – who led his place in the group with 4.32 40 yards at the NFL 2016 plant – was faster than all the Honolulu Blues players who tried to cover him.

Does this 40-yard bomb from Watson to Fuller look difficult? Bee be for you and me, I have attention. But for them it really was not.

Suddenly, the Texans (4-7) have won three of the last four and have an outside chance to save the playoffs. They need a lot more action than Watson-do-Fuller to try to do that.

Is it Matt Patricia era in Motown?

“Ball safety is workplace safety,” is a football saying that usually refers to field performance. But for the Lions, it could also be writing the title in the office of head coach Matt Patricia.

Detroit (4-7) suffered three losses in defeat on Thursday, the fourth in the past five weeks. Patricia, who first became coach when he took over the Lions in 2018, set an overall record of 13-29-1.

Entering Week 12, Patricia avoided questions about his stay in Detroit. Who wants to talk about job performance when he’s not doing well, right?

But, of course, questions need to be asked. And pretty soon, there may be someone else in the coach’s chair who needs to respond.

Prior to Detroit, Patricia spent 14 years with the New England Patriots, working with a variety of position groups before ending up as a defensive coordinator. He was part of six championships and four teams at the Foxboro Super Bowl, and was expected to bring that Patriot Way mentality with him.

For those uninformed, the “Patriot Road” is slang for winning at alarmingly frequent rates. The lions absolutely did not do that – or they are not approaching.

In the five years before Patricia, the Lions went to the playoffs twice and finished no worse than 7-9. They were seen as a team of something that the right coach needed to put it all together.

Now, Detroit is back in the basement of NFC North – where they finished the previous two seasons. Think of the Lions as a half-built sand castle on which Patricia threw a bucket of water.

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