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And not so Happy FUDmas – # Right For # Tesla Report 16


Posted on December 24, 2018
by Chanan Boss

December 24, 2018 from Chanan Bos


This week, the stock market continued to panic, everyone was looking at what is happening in the White House, and the most positive main thing that happened was Elon Mask, revealing the first tunnel of Boeing. At the same time, there were many negative news about Tesla: 10 stories related to the stock market, 10 for a few people who left Tesla, 6 for the spontaneous burning of Tesla Model C (whose battery was apparently shot – like, with a gun), and the rest on various other topics.

Two complete FUD pieces built of nonsense, one claiming that Elon had misappropriated SpaceX's resources for The Boring Company, and another for a tunnel costing $ 40 million, instead of $ 10 million, was labeled as negative. All other articles related to The BoringCompany were labeled as neutral, partly because they are only loosely related to Tesla. These are the way Tesla refers to the company "Dull":

  • Tesla builds containers that will be used in the tunnel.
  • Boring uses Tesla battery technology to build a better machine for boring.
  • The Tesla vehicles are continuously used in the tunnel.

Remember that every week we share raw data (titles and results) for "Prayer" for Tesla. You can scan the stories yourself if you want to double check our findings or just view the titles. And you can check our Tesla stories for more context and comparison. For details of our methodology and wider context for this weekly analysis, see our previous Tesla Justice Report.

# Right for # Tesla
Report 16 (December 15-21)

"Departures" advocates for several executives and designers who leave Tesla this week, and "fire" stands for Tesla Model S that ignited.

The next question in our route is monitoring the authors who covered this news. Although the whole list is too long to be placed here, because there are many authors who have written only one piece for Tesla, there are 40 who have published more than 7 articles about Tesla since the beginning of the September 1st monitoring, ranged from least positive of the most positive:

The neutrality index ranges from -100% to positive 100%. In this system, 0% is neutral. The number of negative / positive articles and percentages are still displayed. This system provides a good defect in how the authors are placed.

Note: In mainstream media, there are often headlines that control this part of the articles, but we find tracking of authors is also interesting and potentially useful to consider what stories the authors tend to write.

What changed with Tesla last week?

Adding the summary in the introduction, here is a summary of Tesla's news and potential newsletter commissioned to date. You can think about what are the objectively important updates in the "Tesla Story" last week.

Some undercover headlines last week

  • What is the biggest Wish Tesla Investors & # 39; 2019? Elon muscle with a low key (Bloomberg)
  • Why 2018 was the year of turnover of Tesla (Bloomberg)
  • Investors from Tesla are not discouraged by the ancient Elson Musk (Bloomberg)
  • If you could deal with insanity, Tesla was the best auto action to invest in 2018 (Business Insider)
  • Tesla survived the production of Inferno-now comes the hard part (Forbes)
  • Tesla's driver, who settled when his car ignited, forgot to mention someone who threw the battery with a pistol (BGR)

More these # Right for # Tesla reports are shared over the Internet through social media, the more people will notice. If there is currently a very negative aspect of Tesla in certain places – even when Tesla has so many positive news about sharing – people should be aware of this and approach each new story with that in mind.

Again, here are the data from this past week, in case you want to see the more detailed data.

For details on our methodology and wider context for this weekly analysis, see this Tesla Justice Report.

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