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Alberta politicians react to a possible lawsuit from UBCM

CALGARY (660 news) – Politicians over the Stairs clarify after hearing the city of Victoria, considering joining the trial against Alberta.

The lawsuit will include several communities with the Union of the Municipalities of the PC (UCBM), who say climate change could cost cities and cities millions of dollars a year.

In Victoria, they estimated that the effects of rising sea levels and extreme weather changes could cost the city more than 415,000 dollars a day.

The move has already received criticism from city and provincial politicians, including Alberta Prime Minister Rachel Notley, who called the lawsuit "hypocritical" and "surprising".

"While Victoria transmits over 100 million liters of sewage into the ocean daily, workers from our energy sector are cutting emissions, investing in clean technology and powering our big country," her statement said. "We will defend our workers every day, especially against lawsuits."

Calgary Mayor Nahed Nenshi said he was not interested in the debate "in terms of his own yard," but stressed that it was the key to eucting the minority.

"What I'm interested in is just to help everyone in Canada realize that we here at Alberta are not just a bunch of F-350 driving cavemen, that we believe strongly in the environment and we believe strongly in the economy and we believe in financial and ecological prosperity for all Canadians. "

Right now there is no time frame for when, if ever, the lawsuit will happen. The Victorian City Council asked UBKM to review the data and examine the prospects for progress.

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