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Al Lowe reveals his collection of Sierra's source code and then puts it on eBay

Al Lowe, one of the creators and developers of Sierra On-Line, sat on a bunch of original files on his original games for 30 years, fully convinced that they are worthless.

"I am 72 years old, and none of my children loves this garbage!" Lowe in an interview on the personality of YouTube MetalJesusRocks (known as Jason Lindsay, the developer of Sierra and friend of Ars). "Is anyone?"

Lowe is about to find out how the developer began publishing eBay advertisements for his entire original collection. The opening of the sale is accompanied by a video from MetalJesusRocks (built-in below), which offers a 12-minute tour with spare files, original gaming boxes, original book banners and more.

From press time, Lowe listed the auctions for the first two Free suit Larry the source code of the games, with the already bidding (and much above the $ 400 mark after they entered the game). Lowe pointed out to Lindsay that the code for more games would follow on eBay, and that would probably include astonishing wealth: others Lowe Free suit Larry games, King Quest III, Police Quest I, and Lowe games based on Disney franchises Winnie the Pooh and Black Kettle.

More importantly, Lowe also has original copies of his complete programming plug-in, including Sierra's utility services that turned ordinary texts into ASCII code interpretation commands. When it was pressed for how curious users can view the files on these disks, Lowe clearly replies: "It's a text file! Put it in Notepad."

In a video interview below, Lowe confidently offers his opinion about the rarity of the source code collection: "I supported everything, because I knew Sierra did not."

The collection of Al Lowe, hosted by MetalJesusRocks.

Lowe's list explains several things: first, he does not test any of these discs, and second, the owner of these discs is not the same as owner of the legal rights to freely or commercially distribute their content. "Realize that, while you will have my data from the day on Larry 1You will not own the intellectual property rights of the game, code, art or anything else, "Lowe said in LSL1 the list. "Nor I. Intellectual property rights were sold over and over, until they are now owned by a German toy company."

Beyond the source code, this Sierra treasure includes a rare retail copy of A Gelfling Adventure, his Dark crystal a spin-off game that again uses the means of the first game, as well as an original floppy disk for printing Softporn– a play that Lowe did not work, but inspired him to do Free suit Larry series. As Lowe acknowledges on eBay, he received this copy of the sara-co-founder Ken Williams … to replace his pirated version at the time. ("Of course, there is no box-because I did not get a box," Lowe wrote in an eBay comment: "But you get a unique part of the history of video games!")

Also, original toys, artwork, and hinting books are likely to follow. We will mark the Lowe eBay ebay in the foreseeable future, and we've touched the Video Game History Foundation team for their thoughts on this obviously rare and unique collection of game code history.

If you're less interested in the source code and more just about playing games, you have several options: this Sierra Play Depository, programmed by Lowe and his peers, plus his own selected collection of Lowe game files (which means, mainly, on – print those, not the ones LSL or King Quest records).

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