Monday , May 17 2021

Airdrie RCMP officer injured in traffic Stop

A member of the Airdrie RCMP is in a Calgary hospital in a stable condition, after hitting a fleeing vehicle in Erdri this morning (December 1st).

At around 2:10, the Airdrie RCMP tried to stop the suspicious vehicle on the Yankee Valley boulevard. While the members positioned for the stop, the suspected vehicle moved away in a dangerous manner.

RCMP members followed the vehicle until it stopped suddenly at the intersection of Cooper's intersection port and Cooper's Drive. The members went out of the unmarked police car and started approaching the suspected vehicle when suddenly he was turning at high speed, hitting one of the officers and attacking the two police vehicles. It is believed that the RCMP officer was dragged by the vehicle. One of the police vehicles that was hit was disabled.

The suspected vehicle then escaped from the scene of the accident, hitting an occupied civilian vehicle, also leaving it inoperable. The members followed the vehicle and eventually went off the road to a canal at Township Road 270 and Range Road 290. The HAWCS police officer at Calgary Police was on the scene after being summoned to help Airdrie RCMP.

Three people who were in the vehicle were arrested after entering the ditch. The driver took off on foot and was shortly afterwards by the Airdrie Police Dog Service. During the arrest, a second serviceman was also injured, but the severity of the injuries was unknown.

A member who was hit by the vehicle is currently in the Fotile Hospital in Calgary in a steady state.

The intersection of the Cooper Gate and Cooper Drive was closed after the incident and was not re-opened until around 8:00 am, while RCMP Collision Reconstructionist examined the scene.

Investigation of the incident continues.

Airdrie RCMP requires someone to have information about this incident to contact them at 403 945-7200 or 911.

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