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After the injury of Alex Smith, Adrian Peterson is vital to Washington than ever. | NFL

The race for the NFL Comeback Player of the Year featured three strong candidates who helped lead their teams into a playoff game.

Andrew Luck now throws three or more touchdowns into seven direct games for 5-5 Colts after three-year struggles for the shoulder. J.J. Wat reached 10 bags for first-class Texani in his surprising return to the top form after several operations.

Then there is Adrian Peterson.

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Peterson missed 19 matches over the past two years with injuries to his knee and neck. He then joined his fourth team in the last three years, when he signed a Redskins contract in late August for a minimum veteran of $ 1,015 million.

At the age of 33, playing in a position where career longevity is unusual, most assumed that Peterson was made as a productive start back. Virtually no one, except perhaps himself, expected that through the 10th week he would have a great chance to become the fifth time in the history of the NFL to win more than 1,000 meters, hurrying in the season after 32 years and the first since 2016 when Fran Gore for 1025 meters for Colts.

Old Peterson fights the Father and wins, and with the winner in Washington, Alex Smith, who faces a loss of season at Sunday's loss in Houston, Peterson and the run will be more integral than ever to Redskins to progress .

It was an incredible year for Peterson, who ranks seventh in the league with 723 quick courts. His two quick touchdowns against Texas brought his season to six. Coach Jay Gruden was not afraid to use it in the passing of the game, either; Peterson has caught 14 passes for 168 yards and one touchdown.

Peterson stands at 1 yard shy of 13,000 for his career and needs only 261 meters to cross Eric Dickerson's eighth time.

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His great season is the result of his great work ethic and a strong desire to prove to the teams that they are wrong to give up on him.

In recent years, it has been difficult for me to speak and do many stupid and horrible things, starting with the case of child abuse, after physically disciplining his four-year-old son. He never realized the public rage, instead of using the excuse that he was disciplined in a similar way grows.

He talked about how boring he was with organized team activities and a training camp in 2016, after he played only one game in the previous season, due to the limited suspension resulting from charges of child abuse. It's almost like he wants people to complain about having to practice football and attend meetings while earning $ 12 million that season.

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Another beauty of the statement occurred before the start of the 2017 season, when Peterson, who later played for the Saints, said: "Should I return to Minnesota by playing the Vikings? Yes, I want to keep it."

At that time, he was the third line of New Orleans, running behind Mark Ingram and Alvin Camara. Peterson barely held it to the Vikings, hurrying six times for 18 yards. Four weeks later, Sean Payton saw and heard enough from Peterson and was trafficked to Arizona. He had several productive games and reached 529 rattled courtyards with the cardinals before he finished the season of the injured reserves, and then released in March.

Peterson obviously never suffered from a lack of it. In the period before this season, he announced his high-energy training on Twitter in an effort to encourage teams to follow and make their usual forged statements like: "I know that once I get back there, I will be blessed with healthy season and I will show people that I am the best in the league. "

He won his chance in Washington after winning starter Derrius Gijes torn ACL. He made the most out of it on the pitch, while for the most part he remains a low-key off-court, except for the shot he took in the Vikings earlier this season when a Minnesota run-out was fought: "It could be beneficial for right now. "

It was a rather weak statement about him, so maybe Grunn and Redskins PR staff convinced him that it was better to let his game speak. If that is the case and continues, I say, "Bravo".

Peterson started the season with a strong 166 yards from a strike in Arizona. His best performance was in the 8th week with 149 yards against the Giants. He has two games with more than 100 fast-paced yards and three other games with more than 90 quick courts.

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Washington's offensive line has done a good job that leads to the path to Patterson, with Smith, and with the past game that creates a balance. With the takeover of Colt McCoy in a defensive match, defense will surely give more attention to Peterson and on the eight positions set.

There is no shortage of top-ranked defense waves for Washington, starting with No. 5 Cowboys, who will be ready to stop Peterson after he hurried 24 times for 99 yards at their last meeting. Also ahead are Philadelphia, Jacksonville and Tennessee, all of them ranked in the top half of the league against the race.

We will see if Peterson can maintain his pace, which will give him a season of 1,156 yards, and maybe he will help Redskins win the NFC East title or place on wild cards. If that happens, I hope that Peterson opposes the temptation to take out his horn and talk with the junk of all the teams and commentators who thought he was washed away.

After all that has happened in the past few years, it would be a wise choice for him and his unhealthy legacy to complete his career – however long it may be – with a continuous good field play in combination with acting and leaving without problems outside the field .

Jeff Diamond is the former president of the titans and former vice president / general manager of the Vikings. He was elected Executive Director of the Year in 1998. Diamond is currently a business and sports consultant, who also broadcasts and operates online media. He makes spoken performances for corporate / citizen groups and college bargaining hours and sports business / sport management. He is the former president and CEO of Ingram Group. Follow Jeff on Twitter: @jeffdiamondNFL.

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