Friday , May 7 2021

Accused B.C. the killer has the same name as the boy of the murdered teacher: sources

The man accused of murdering Burnaby, B.C. The educational assistant shares her name with her boyfriend, sources told CTV Vancouver.

Jan Pop (31) was charged with second-degree murder after being arrested by the CCPR on Thursday. Nicole Haselman was found dead two weeks ago.

"[Integrated Homicide Investigation Team] admits this is a very difficult time for the Nicole family because they are complaining about her death and we hope we can give them some answers, "CPL Frank Young in the statement.

Sources say CTV Vancouver that Haselman was in connection with a resident of Bernabé who has the same name as the defendant killer. In the past, her boyfriend spent some time working as a Realtor.

Investigators say that Haselman and her accused assassin knew each other, but would not confirm how or the degree of their relationship.

"IHIT's detectives worked firmly to secure and collect evidence to approve charges, and today's outcome would not be possible without their tireless efforts," Yang said.

Since Saturday there is no date for a trial for Pole.

Authorities are mom of detail about Hasselmann's death.

On November 16, the first respondents found a special education assistant in Vancouver, who was injured in a ditch after her SUV collapsed. It seemed that her 2017 year Kia Sorrento hit the lantern.

Haselman later died at the hospital and police initially believed she was simply thrown out of her vehicle during the accident.

But later, the inspectors say her wounds are "indicative of a foul." They have yet to discover the official cause of her death.

An enemy man was also found in the SUV and was pulled out by the first responsible persons. Authorities expect him to recover completely.

The murder team did not confirm whether the defendant was the man in the vehicle or was involved in the accident in any way.

On the eve of her death, Haselman's friends and colleagues said they remember her as a great mother and a good friend.

RCMP inspectors require anyone who has information about the case to call the information line at 1-877-551-4448. Anyone who wants to remain anonymous can report to Stop Crime at 1-800-222-8477.

With a report by Emad Agahhi at CTV Vancouver

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