Saturday , July 31 2021

A quick Mercedes called "Vicksen" gets into a police trap

The ugly writing of Mercedes was not what attracted the attention of the provincial police officer in Ontario earlier this week, it was the fact that Mercedes was driving at 190 km / h on Highway 401.

An officer from the PPP Napoleon's patrol patrolled the western lanes on the 401 highway in Bellevue on Tuesday when white Mercedes flew.

The vehicle was inverted and the officer was able to get a good look.

On the bonnet, the roof said: "Hi, my name is" followed by "Vixen" in all the capitals of the trunk. On the rear bumper there were arrows pointing to the right with "do not even try it" along with the skull.

Mercedes, which ran at 190 km / h at 401, was covered with strange graffiti.

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Staff Sgt. Chris Watkins of PPL in Napane said there was no explanation for graffiti.

A 36-year-old man in Toronto was in charge of driving with a trick and with easily accessible marijuana. The 20-year-old female passenger was accused of not wearing a safety belt.

The man's license was suspended for seven days. "Vicksen" was loaded on the back of the towing truck and temporarily closed for a week.

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