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A policeman killed in the head – of PN News

Firefighters fought a stubborn fire in central Vancouver on Sunday.

The flames came from the back of the bicycle store on the streets of Denman and Alburn and spread to the roof, triggering a fire with three alarms, reports CTV News.

Multiple renovations over the years hamper access to the fire and are limited to spreading to adjacent businesses and residential apartments, the Twitter of the Vancouver Fire Protection Department.

No one was in the building at the time.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

– with files from CTV Vancouver


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The victim of a fatal clash in Nanaimo on Saturday was identified as a well-known retired policeman.

The Abbessford police confirmed that the victim was SS. Schinder Kirk, a long-standing police event in the war of the Lower Continental Gang.

Kirk served as a media spokesman for the Abbotsford Police Department, the Working Group on Integrated Groups and the Special Combined Forces Unit.

Nanaimo RCMP say they are still investigating the incident, which included two pickups.

In a vehicle, Kirk was killed and two passengers were injured.

The RCMP says no one in the second vehicle was taken to hospital.

December 23, 2018 / 14:26 | Story:

RCMPs have been attacking what they claim to be "illegal" cannabis and a "large-scale" extract in the Squimish Valley in British Columbia.

Police said they carried out a search warrant on Thursday and found a barn converted into a cannabis cultivation operation of 1,500 plants and active butane medical oil.

Butane oil from oil is a gold-syrup syrup used to create cannabis derivatives such as break, a powerful concentrate.

The RCMP says new cannabis control laws prohibit cannabis change using organic solvents such as butane, which are explosive.

Hydrologic officers were also on the scene and the police said it had identified a complete electrical diversion designed specifically for electricity theft and power generation.

A man from Squamish was arrested, but was later released "pending further investigation," according to the RCMP.

"There are numerous security risks associated with electric theft and cannabis production, in particular the risks associated with BHO operations due to instability of butane" Sgt. Jeff Shore in the statement.

"Despite the legalization of cannabis, the CRPM will continue its efforts to carry out criminal acts when it comes to youth, public security and organized crime."


If you plan to go to Whistler for the Christmas holidays, be prepared for extremely dangerous driving conditions.

The Sea to Sky highway has received huge snowfalls this weekend for awesome roads.

More than 25 vehicles went out of the way or in a ditch between Squamish and Whistler, Squamish RCMP for CTV News Vancouver.

Signs with variable speeds are set at 70 km / h, but drivers are warned to avoid driving on the highway if possible.

DriveBC reminds the public to slow down and drive with caution.

Winter tires are indispensable on the Sea to Sky Highway.

The Weather Agency forecasts rainfall on Sunday, making the snow turn into hair.

-With files from CTV News Vancouver

December 23, 2018 / 07:10 o'clock | Story:

When the power went out in the lake Kovichan during a destructive storm that hit B.C. on Thursday, many residents were not ready to remain indefinitely.

Mayor Rod Peters says he spent Saturday around the city and was preparing to open the local school so that his voters could shower or warm up with a hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa.

"We have several broken power lines between Duncan and Lake Kovichan," Peters said in an interview. "It's a big deal."

While many residents of Lake Kovichan have spare generators, Peters said the others were completely left in the dark.

"It's very bad for our older population if they have nothing in the way of a backup," he said.

While several truckloads of trucks left the city, Peter said he was advised that the government might not be fully restored in the community of about 3,000 before Monday morning.

Thursday's storm was the worst that GP Hydro had seen in 20 years, and strong raids continued on Saturday, prompting FC Ferris to cancel several sailboats and municipalities like Nanaimo to close parks and tracks for further reporting.

Canada has issued windbreaking tips for many parts of the Vancouver Island and coastline on Saturday, projecting rains to 90 kilometers per hour.

Hidro said in a statement that 600,000 customers lost the power of the southwestern part of British Columbia over the storm, and 66,000 lost their power on Saturday afternoon.

"Hundreds of ruined trees have left unchanged roads, which means BC Hydro has failed to complete the damage assessment in some of the worst affected areas," including the lake Kovichan.

"Because of the scale of damage, some of the hardest hit areas will be powerless for several more days."

More than 800 field workers will continue to work around 24 hours to receive electricity, the service said.

"There are hundreds of individual outages that crews must visit individually to make complicated and lengthy repairs," the statement said.

The storm also caused a disintegration of the Nanaimo water purification plant, prompting the city to urge residents to save water, so there will be enough emergency services for fire protection.

The full service was back at the start of Saturday night after employees traced the issue to a control device at a plant that was not functioning during the power cut.

Let the children deliver a powerful message that all adults should know – do not drink and do not drive.

Schoolchildren in Chilivak wrote letters of paper bags used to pack alcohol into four alcohol shops in the city of Fraser.

MCRM collected the bags, and then returned them, along with artwork, to the distribution shops.

"Our goal is to increase awareness of the dangers and preventing disturbed driving in the community during the season," said Const. Zachary Lehniuk.

RCMP is also trying to get corrupted drivers off the road with their annual CounterAttack campaign.

"We encourage drivers to listen to children and organize themselves ahead of time for safe driving home if" ghosts "are part of your plan," says Cpl. Mike Rail.

The RCMP encourages all who plan to take part in holiday activities to plan a safe trip home:

  • Assign it to the appointed driver.
  • Travel by public transport or taxi.
  • Stay overnight.

On December 20, Squamish RCMP and Sea to Heaven, the General Investigation Department launched a search warrant over the illegal growing of cannabis from over four installations and an investigation into theft of electricity.

The inspectors found a barn that had been turned into 1500 plants and a butane honey oil house. Honey operation is a dangerous operation with organic solvents with high equipment, and according to the new Law on Cannabis Control and Licensing 12, the cannabis change with butane is forbidden.

Hydrologic officers on the scene confirmed that the site has a complete electrical diversion for theft of electricity.

A local man at Squamish was arrested and later released.

"There are numerous security risks associated with electric theft and cannabis production, in particular the risks associated with BHO operations due to the instability of butane," said Sergeant Jeff Shore from the Sea Exploration Sector to Heaven. "Despite the legalization of cannabis, the CRPM will continue its efforts to carry out criminal acts when it comes to youth, public security and organized crime."

Police continue their investigation into this issue, and anyone with information is asked to contact the RCMP at 604-892-6100 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Koktulam residents should be aware that their mayor does not ask for gifts from them.

In fact, Mayor Richard Stewart warns people in social media that fraudsters are posing as him and ask people to buy gift cards on his behalf and to send him identification numbers.

"It was a cause of concern, obviously. We do not want well-intentioned people, who are trying to help, be placed in a position where they could lose a lot of money," Stuart told CTV News.

E-mail sent has a subject line of "grace," and prompts the reader to urgently go out and buy gift cards in any nearby shop.

Stuart made it clear that he would never make such a request and added a joke that if he wanted to ask for something, it would be dark chocolate.

He also had nothing but strong words for scammers using his name to prey on polite people.

"I would call them scum," he said. "If you direct people for the holidays – if you are simply trying to steal something that does not belong to you – this is a really disgusting thing."

-With files from CTV Vancouver

A federal offender, who was desirable nationally after failing to return to Vancouver's curfew early on Saturday, was arrested.

Edward Vincent, 45, was lawfully released and was due to appear at his half-home in Vancouver immediately after midnight Saturday, but did not appear.

The public was asked to follow early on Saturday afternoon and came to a conclusion that led to his arrest.

Police in Vancouver described him as a "high-risk offender" and he now remains in custody.

-With files from CTV Vancouver

Several Okanagan filmmakers have turned their performances into the upcoming World Junior Championships, which are held in Vancouver in the coming weeks.

Producer Tyler Hinds and director Sam Finnline released the first episode of our play: A Documentary for World Junior Championships last week, which followed 34 candidates who tried to test Team Canada last August.

"This is the first phase of the evaluation for the team," said Hinds. "The players are there for a week and play various games, matches between the United States and Finland, Sweden, and then the entire American team.

"Then, they all went to their teams from younger or colleagues or even tried their teams in the NHL."

The four-part series, funded through Telus Storhiv, will continue through the Autumn Victoria selection camp, to be released on December 30, followed by two episodes covering the real tournament, which will be announced in the new year.

"It's a fairly rigorous evaluation process to select this team," said Hinds. "Many people know this, but they may not know the extent to which players are judged and the pressure they have on them."

The selection process reduced the 34 players to the final 22-player team.

Team Canada will take the ice in the Vancouver Rogers Arena on December 26 against Denmark. The tournament will last until January 5th, and Hinds and Finley will spend the holiday season to record the entire action.

This is the third project Hinds and Finlay worked together. Their first series documented a small hockey in Okanagan, which led to a draft version of the WOLF BARTAM in 2017, while the second followed the athletic athletic race of Kelowna, which was ranked as one of the best in the world.

22 December 2018 / 10:55 o'clock | Story:

Tens of thousands of people remain powerless for two days after a strong wind storm in southwestern British Columbia.

Hydro says 800 outreach workers are working in a timely manner to repair great damage to their infrastructure after one of the heaviest winds that the region has seen for 20 years.

Power has been restored to more than 530,000 users, but some 66,000 across the Lower Continent, the Fraser Valley, the Vancouver Island, and the Gulf Islands still had no electricity on Saturday morning.

The use says that the return of power to other consumers remains a challenge, and many require individual repairs, including the limitation of hundreds of spring lines and the replacement of electric pylons and transformers.

The storm left the road of destruction on Thursday, killing a woman when a tree fell into her tent in Duncan and caused the Nanaimo water purification plant to end and part of the desired White Rock rocket break up.

Canada has issued a wind warning for much of BC. coast and Vancouver Island on Saturday, predicting winds up to 90 kilometers per hour.

Abbotsford, a couple nearly two years old to bring the newborn baby boy from Africa, will have to wait even longer.

CTV News reports that the Canadian government is not ready to give the child a citizenship.

Kim and Clark Moran received a letter from Canada for eviction, refugees and citizenship, saying the federal department is concerned about two-year-old Ayo, whom the couple claims to have been adopted from the home in Nigeria and obtained guardianship in August.

It is believed that a third party came up with allegations that the adoption of Ayo originated from a private residence, not as an orphanage.

In a statement, the ICRC did not disclose any details regarding Ayo's documents, but said "the Canadian Government has obligations under international conventions to ensure that children are not abducted, bought or sold or removed from their biological families without legal consent" .

Kim said the family worked with a lawyer for immigration and a adoption agency.

"We do not give up, but we feel really overwhelming to think what that means and what they are trying to do for us right now," she said.

"I can not believe this is our life, that this is our story."

– with files from CTV Vancouver

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