Monday , May 17 2021

A man accused of murdering a Vancouver assistant

The second-degree murder charge has passed in the death of the 34-year-old Vancouver woman earlier this month.

Jan Pop, 31, was arrested on Thursday in connection with the death of Nicole Porsche, on November 16, which also used the surname Haselman.

"The IHIT detectives worked firmly to secure and collect evidence for the approval of the charges, and today's outcome would not be possible without their tireless efforts," CPL. Frank Yang from the team for investigations into integrated killings, the press release said.

"IHIT acknowledges that this is a very difficult time for the Nicole family as they regret her death and we hope that we can give them some answers."

Investigators say Porky and Pop knew each other, and the alleged assassination is believed to be an isolated incident.

Porsche was hurried to hospital after being thrown from a vehicle during a Barnet highway accident. (PS)

A porcelain died in hospital after being thrown from a vehicle when he crashed into the light pillar of the Burnett Highway in Burnaby, BC. At that time, police said that her injuries suggested a forbidden game.

Porsche was a student worker in support of special education at Templeton High School in Vancouver and left behind a 10-year-old son.

The school staff described it as "outstanding" and part of a closely related family in the classroom for special education.

Poep should appear on Friday.

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