Wednesday , May 12 2021

A home explosion struck the north-central Edmonton

Fire researchers remain at the scene in the north of central Edmonton after the blast in the house and as a result of the blaze shook the Westwood neighborhood before midday on Monday.

Military teams reacted to reports of an explosion around 11:40 am, a fire in the capital, Tim Famulak said at the scene near 120 avenues and 102 streets.

"They reported that there were doors, windows flared up, flames from the front and side, so we immediately made a defensive attack, because it was quite involved when we arrived," Famulak said. Five units responded, as well as police and emergency medical services.

Femelak confirmed that the explosion led to a fire and resulted in a rejection of the front door, but the reason remains unknown.

The next neighbor, Hope Robinson-Smike, said she was in her kitchen when she heard a huge bang and the blast rocked home.

"It sounded like someone plowed into the house or something fell through the ceiling," she said. "The whole door frame was blown away from the house quite a bit."

She said noisy noise was different from what she had heard before, but the fire was under control quickly when fire rescue services arrived.

The fire brigades worked to control the fire and clouds of smoke were still falling apart from what remained from the roof of the home on Monday afternoon, with the main floor of the house knocked out. The fire was under control around 1 am, said Famelak, with plans to turn the ground on fire on investigators to determine the cause and damage after being completely extinguished.

"There is only a slight damage to the adjacent areas, without the continuation of any fires," he said.

No passengers were found in or around the home when emergency crews arrived at the scene and the place of the passenger's accident was unknown, said Famulak.

Robinson-Smike said a man lived only in the house, but she did not see him on Monday before the blast.

Relatives of the man who lived in the house arrived in shock to see the house in flames and were released to hear that he was not inside.

Edmonton police was at the scene engaging the surrounding homes, as many neighbors in the area were out watching the firefighters trampling on the flames.

"At any time there is an explosion, the PSU will always be informed," said Famulak.

An update of the cause of the fire is expected when the investigation is completed, without a fixed timeframe.

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