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6 things we learned about Megan Markle from CBS "Megan and Harry Plus One

Members of Megan Marklethe inner circle, British journalists and royal historians painted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in a remarkably positive light during a special gathering of CBS News, Gail King and titles Megan and Harry Plus One.

The long-lasting function turned into a new life of the former American actress Prince Harry, paying attention to the negative (and probably unjust) seal she became the object of having joined the royal family. Close friends of Megan, make-up artist Daniel Martin and an actress Ianona GavankarThey shared their sincere thoughts of uncontrollable rumors, and even discovered how the Duchess itself copes with extreme rises and falls.

For an even greater insight into Megan's whirlwind first year as a royal – including her reaction that exclaimed from Beyoncéand Jay– Shout slip!

Is there any truth about the notifications of Megan's "Diva" antique?:

According to Daniel, absolutely not. "What is so frustrating is that you are listening to these stories and there is no truth about them," he said. "It's not the same person, in the years I know, the years with which I worked with it, it never had a wild capability, I never know I do not deserve all this negative print." Janina added: "She does not read the bad or the good, because she knows that the metrics you have for your life can not be based on a title someone else wrote."

Love between Megan and Harry is not just about the show:

As Daniel said, "They love so much, so honestly, love is real." Thinking about the royal wedding, which was held almost exactly a year ago, Ianina remarked: "I had to see my friend look at her classmate's eyes and be happy with happiness." She later remarked: "She has a very solid sense of what her real north is. It has a priority to find a way to bring light to global problems, but she is not alone, she is with her classmate, they are very powerful." Have you been discouraged?

Princess Charles "gesture of life:

While a tabloid drama about Megan's father-in-law, casting a shadow over her wedding day, many wondered who would walk through the crutch in his absence. Prince Charles assumed responsibility, a moment when, remembering how it collapsed, Daniel collapsed with tears. "Doors open and stand in the back," he said. "I see that she went down and I only saw how strong she is and how much she is ready [Prince Charles and Prince Harry] they intercepted her. It was like, "We took you. You're one of us." She's at home. "

Welcome to Meyhive:

In the play of Beyoncé fans known as Beihiv, Megan's faithful followers and her ideals collectively referred to themselves as "Mahjiv". Queen Bey may also be considered a member, especially after she and Jay-Z included Megan while receiving the honor of this year's British Awards. Daniel said he had sent Megan a message to the epic moment, which she said she responded with "big eyes".

The interplay and style of Harry's parents is surprisingly relevant:

Although they were only mom and dad for two weeks, Daniel had already predicted that Archie's future is on sale. "I feel like Megan and" X "really will keep this child real, I'm sure the baby will grow clean and green. She wants to cook, eat organic whenever she can." "Oh, yes!" He he was thinking. And from the perspective of Ioannina: "She will be such a good mother. I think it will be a very low level of maintenance, hands, the way she would be if she is not married to the royal family. I think Megan will go to be strict, not in some sort of strict way, but she is an incredibly practical person. She will manage a narrow boat. "

So, who is responsible for Megan's seamless wardrobe?:

As it turns out, it is! Daniel confirmed Gale that the Duchess does not have a stylist and he takes all his ensembles alone. "She always had such an innate sense of her style," he commented. "It's pretty amazing that she can manage all this."

Megan and Harry Plus One premiere on Friday night at 8 o'clock. on CBS.

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