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5 security cameras on Black Friday discounts

We all have things we want to protect or watch out – these five home security cameras will help you to rest a bit easier knowing that the people and property you want is safe. While most home security systems can save you wealth, these high-tech cameras come with a budget-friendly price, yet they manage to pack up with an amazing number of features.

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If you ever wanted to be able to get the right time in your personal space sent directly to your phone, this HD security camera is the right choice for you. You can use the microSD card to save the video you are recording or use the secure cloud and view it at any time via the mobile application. This practical camera even learns itself, reducing the number of false notifications.

Buy it here: Usually, this Oco HD security camera is $ 99, but now you can get it for $ 79.

Get a clear view from every angle with this HD camcorder: use it to keep tabs in your home, office, or other space. The camera is rotated to get a better angle than what you are looking for – it even offers night vision shooting.

Buy it here: Usually, this Oco Motion HD Pan / Tilt Wireless Security Camera is $ 169, but you can get it here for $ 129.

Security cameras (implied in the name) are built to keep you more secure – but it's all for nothing if your source gets hacked. This 360-degree camera offers full video encryption for the source being captured, and you can store this compact camera quite where you need it. The WiFi client allows you to view the recordings directly on your smartphone and know it is safe under multiple encryption protocols.

Buy it here: Usually, this iPM World 360-degree 1080p wireless IP camera is $ 129.99, but you can get it here for $ 41.99.

This all-in-one camera not only offers you comprehensive visual images from your living space, but also syncs with other smart devices, such as door movements and window sensors. The technology allows it to rotate in any direction, and the second movement is detected – it also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker for audio communication with whatever's in the room. There are also heat and humidity sensors that will help you keep a comprehensive eye on the health of your home.

Buy it here: Usually this Zmodo Pivot 1080p wireless all-in-one security camera system is $ 149, but you can get it now for $ 69.99.

This 1280p HD camera offers an ultra-wide angle and streaming application so you can clearly see everything in the room you're watching. The security camera has infrared technology to get clear visibility in the light or dark – plus you can zoom in or rotate the image in the application. You can even connect more cameras to track more rooms in the same application!

Buy it here: Usually, this WiFi WiFi camera is $ 99.99, but you can get it for $ 45.

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