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5 Opening from the new album of Earl Sweatshirt, Some Rap songs

With a name like Some rap songs, Earl Sweatshirt is very obvious over the rap industry artificially. This is authentic, without tricks, but in a way that does not try to attract attention to its authenticity. Earl called his last album, 2015 I do not like shit, I do not go out, his dissertation for himself, but he obviously does not try to put a similar burden on this record. Marking it in the simplest terms hedgehogs against the excitement that surrounds him without jeopardizing his seriousness. Really say in the simplest terms: He is deep in his bag.

In the last three years I do not like shit, I do not go out, much has happened in Earl's life: his father died earlier this year, prompting a visit to Johannesburg and reconnecting with his family; he lost his longtime associate and friend Mac Miller, and encouraged ties to the new MCs community. The album reflects not only the current maturation, but recalibration: the new-found commitment to discovering personal and universal truths and confirming its joy for songs in search of comfort. The dossier is far too dense to date, but it is arranged with quick cutting, solid loops, which maintain a sense of concealment. Here are five things you need to listen to on the first few turns Some rap songs.

"I'm with MIKE and Med"

One of the collective members, Earl Sweatshirt has forged cooperative relationships and significant friendships with a new class of like-minded people. He named-drops a few of these players over Some rap songs, and this is not a coincidence. Trembling shoulders and rolling coats with these guys – New Yorkers, mainly – had a significant impact on his music. Throwing characters includes genre bands and classicists.

There is a navy blue (or Sage Elsesser), a professional slider made the rapper credited with artistic guidance I do not like shit, I do not go out, who used to be Earl's roommate (Sage has a verse of this record); MIKE, an introspective teenager from the Bronx, who became the mentor of Earl at the "ALUM" Primary School, bought one of his first online missions and received personal gratitude back; Machane, a Brooklyn rapper, which is one half of the Medlaus duo with producer Slason Malone, as Jasper Marsalis; Mah Hohmi, Jensi's enigmatic rapper for whom Earl was struck; Gio Escobar, who as the frontman of Standing on the Corner, makes music that covers the whole black and brown diaspora. Some of them are guests, others were simply in his thoughts or around during his creation, but these artists clearly had a great influence on Some rap songs. You can hear him in his mood: in some poems, he is cold and calculated as Mach, almost analytical in his precision; in others, it is as emotional and self-destructive as MIKE. This gives his new perspective a new dimension.

Earl enters a new sound

For that purpose, the sound palette is turned on Some rap songs is also heavily indebted for those who surrounded Erl in recent years: Denmark Vessel, Standing on the Corner, Black Noah, Buliman and Ade Hakim, all contributed to the music of the album. Some of the production is not far from what Earl did for Mach. In total, it seems that the record borrowed its musical characters from the post-genre of SOC Red burns project, fragmenting MIKE Bless God, and the Knxwledge catalyst, and yet the earthly battle. The battles are firmly wrapped, which Earl described as "Snake eats its tail". Most refer to a little old hip-hop feeling. Unlike the musical sounds of IDLS, IDGO, which at times seemed almost without light, Some rap songs is a versatility in bursts, an experience that is no different than clicking through various images in the View-Master. The type of scrap-style structure and pang movement, collecting images in a long game, was born of connections.

Cut it on Chase

The short songs have taken many rap albums this year, mainly due to the lazy writing and streaming economy that awards long albums. But Earl is not stranger to keeping it short and sweet: the brevity and the conciseness were the advantages of 2015 I do not like shit, I do not go out. He once said: "Flexibility can be said most with the least amount of words." He applies his philosophy to the effectiveness of this five-minute 25-minute album by keeping many songs under two minutes. It is a musician-focused album that still values ​​the time of its listeners. The minute long, completely called "Loosie," is packed from front to back with coats, which seem to fall on Earl. By the end of the "Veins," he almost unraveled the Earl's myth.

Family ties

Most of the pieces on Some rap songs were written before the death of Erl's father, Kerapetet Kogsicheli, but even those who do not work through sadness are reflected in his family. On "Playing Possum", the clips of both parents who speak publicly are overlapping one another. His mother is present throughout the records, often in some sort of supportive capacity. "I just got better over time, that's what my mother says," he interferes with "Azucar," and then adds: "My mother told me that she saw my father in me."

The few songs that refer to Kgositsile have largely been avoided by unpacking his complicated relationship with his son. An exception is the "Kiwiiki", to which Earl reconciles his father's loss, before having a chance to solve their problems. The song is among the most famous moments of the album, written with striking clarity. "Raising his tomb, he could not help but feel outside of the place / bless my staff, we sent it, not an hour late / Still in shock, I threw my heart somewhere in the range." In a statement earlier this month, Earl opened a request for closure. "I do not get to have that moment left me to figure out a lot with my damn I," he said. There is much to understand.

Significant Earl-wash

  • "Bad Apple, everyday collision with my kinfolk / bad acid damages my mental / Of course you are right, it takes a few paragraphs to grow / call me a savage from them" (From "December 24")
  • "I do not know what to say because I do not tag the bags, I stay in them / I see you are shooting, but your corners are garbage, do not play with us" (From Ontheway!)
  • "It's real when you seal letters with wax, now shit changes, the checks we see are nice / Real Mike Willy shit, we went gorilla, they really gave up the ransom / We are stupid, we give them taxes / bad blood draws them quickly pulls them "(From" Bends ")
  • "Increase my pain and muscle of the brain" (From "Cold Flies")
  • "Peace of my dirty water liquors / is not nobody tryna get it clean / No one tells me I'm sinking / no one tells me I could leave." (From "Shattered Dreams")
  • "Every truncheon nigger" around me serves as a reminder that / I have to watch my step / I keep it quiet as it is kept / I think I spent most of my life depressing / the only thing that was in my mind was death / I did not know if my time was next / Tryna refined this shit, I was redefined / First I had to find it "(From" Nowhere2go ")

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