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3 wins lottery to apply for cannabis store license steps away from each other in Ontario city

The City of Ontario hit a three-person weed jackpot, steps away from each other on the same street, winning the state lottery to apply for a cannabis store license.

Innesil, On. they could soon see three pot shops open on Disc Park, something critics say is "weird" and "makes no sense".

"It would not be in the interest of the regulator to have three stores located together," Trina Fraser, an Ottawa-based cannabis lawyer with the Brezau Sellers Law, told Global News.

"This is neither – we are within a few blocks of each other," as crazy. They just can't let that happen. "

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Proposed store locations in Inisifil are Commerce Park Drive in 1982, 1988 and 2008.

"It happened on the basis of deliberate accidental extraction," Fraser said. "Of course, the risk is that you end up inadvertently grouping."

Currently, David Marin & Powerport is also located in the Park in 1982 and 1988 Dr. Business Owner Ken DeWild leases the two properties and told Global News in an email that his company is not affiliated with the store license cannabis applications.

"We are not affiliated with the store in any way, nor are we aware of any planned repetition of any of the properties listed," DeWild said in an email. "We have leases at the moment and we will continue to operate our businesses on the offshore and power companies from these locations."

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Innsil's deputy mayor, Daniel Davidson, told Global News on Wednesday that there are three locations so close together it is strange and he hopes it will only end up as a cannabis store in the area.

"It's interesting because Commerce Park Drive is an industrial, commercial area in the municipality, so I'm happy they are not downtown," he said.

"I wonder why all the locations. Is it a person under three names to open a large object? “

Fraser said he could not imagine that all three owners would want to stay together in the same area.

“Will [the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario] tell these people where they should go to try to fill the gaps in the region or give them the discretion to place them where they want somewhere else? "She said. "If all three say, 'I don't want to move,' then what are you doing?"

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According to Davidson, the proposed Park Drive locations are outside the city center.

"You have to drive there to get there," he said. “It's a destination. It's not a tourist area, it's not [a] a large-scale trade area. "

Davidson said he was concerned because the proposed locations are close to Highway 400, a busy Ontario road.

"What is stopping someone from buying a product there and finding it on a highway north or south of impact? I have concerns because Highway 400 is bad enough as it is. "

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South Simco police chief Andrew Fletcher told Global News that the Drive Park area is probably one of the only parts of Inisifil that complies with AGCO's location regulations for cannabis retailers.

"To meet the first application threshold, you had to prove that you were so many kilometers out of any settlement, not near schools and with such things," Fletcher said.

He added that Visible Checks can be set up in the area of ​​the proposed store locations to monitor whether people are damaged by driving after purchasing cannabis.

"If they choose to leave, either in their vehicle or while on the highway, that's why we have our own drug recognition experts and have our testing equipment at our disposal," Fletcher said.

"I think we should set that standard early. See you shoplifters. "

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While Fletcher told Global News he was not worried about the proximity of the proposed store locations in the city, Davidson said he did not understand why Inisil needed three pot shops.

"For a population of 35,000, why would they have three? Why would they be located in an industrial area and close to the main highway? "Said Davidson. "The safety of a place that is not populated at night worries me."

AGCO's Senior Communications Advisor, Raymond Kahert, told Global News that the locations are proposed only and those selected through the lottery must now apply for a cannabis retailer and store authorization.

"With respect to similar addresses: while the lottery rules (# 2c), the applicant must operate a cannabis retailer at the same address as provided in their Expressing interest application … there is a provision in the rules that the applicant may request the Secretary of the AGCO to operate a cannabis retail store at a different address in the same region, "wrote Kahert.

"AGFO will not speculate on the reasons for the site owner to provide further confirmation that the applicant provided retail space."

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Kanert added that AGCO will only license applicants and authorize stores that meet all the agency's legal and regulatory requirements.

One person wins the Ontario lottery to apply for a cannabis storage license in Bari, located north of Innesil, while another person wins in Collingwood, Ontario, northeast of the city.

Thirteen won to apply for licenses in Toronto.

In total, there are 42 winners of the second cannabis lottery lottery for AGCO, which took place on Tuesday. Eight more stores will also open to First Nations in Ontario through a special process.

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