Sunday , October 24 2021

2019 iPhone: What do you want to see? [Poll]


Yesterday, an analytical report from Nomura predicted that Apple's 2019 iPhones will not have any physical changes. This comes after the iPhone X design was introduced in 2017 and made its way to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR.

Do you think this is the right move on part of Apple? What do you want Apple to focus on the iPhone's 2019?

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The proposal that the iPhone's from 2019 will not have any design changes, as Apple is struggling with reports of slowing down the iPhone sales. Several well-known Apple suppliers have reduced resort guidelines, which led to speculation that Apple itself has downgraded iPhone orders.

When it comes to iPhones 2019, there are several things Apple could focus on. Traditionally, Apple almost always focuses on large-scale camera updates. The potential features for 2019 include a response to the popular Night View feature of Google, as well as general software improvements to help iPhone keep pace with Pixel devices.

Another possible thing for Apple to focus on is the price of the iPhone. One of the most common complaints of people from the latest generation of iPhone is that they are more and more expensive. Of course, Apple has almost never made a point to focus on cutting prices between iPhone updates every year, but it's possible to change it in 2019 if hardware design remains the same.

Elsewhere, Apple could focus on hardware performance, although it can be argued that such improvements become more difficult for the average user to notice in use in the real world. Other possible changes include new AR features, software enhancements, design updates, support for 5G (although this is unlikely), facial enhancements, pencil pencil support, and more.

Apple goes a couple of years with the same general iPhone, of course, it's not unheard of. Between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 8, overall design changes were minimal among the revisions every year. What do you think of this strategy? What do you want to focus on the updates on the iPhone 2019? Tell us in the poll below (pick up to 3 things) and explain the comments.

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