Friday , May 14 2021

2 Milly to move forward with legal action against Fortnite

Just a few weeks ago, we announced that rapper 2 Miley is angry that he discovered that Epic Games uses the "Milly Rock" dance as "Broadcast" in the show "Forty". While he is not upset that the move is in the game itself, he is upset that he is not paid. He threatened to sue him, and now he is moving forward.

2 Milley is ready to take action

From the report a few weeks ago, 2 Mille took the step to hire a law firm. The law firm claims that this is not the first case involving the inclusion of Epic Games and how they "brazenly deprived the affinity of African-American talent". Indeed, they have another case under way now against Epic Games for the client in a similar situation.

2 Mile does not entertain with his show on Fortune.

Explaining why he is upset, 2 Mille said, "I do not want to kiss them for all the millions." You know what I'm saying? It's not really that. I just feel like I have to protect what's mine. "They actually sell that particular move it is for buying. Then I really was like … oh, this can not last too long. "

How real is it 2 Mille can succeed in his case? It is difficult to make any predictions. There is no precedent in copyright cases involving choreography. So what will be seen with this case, if it moves forward, will be meaningful. Whether 2 Miles will win or lose, it will have an impact on future situations involving artists who sue for dancing moves.

The outcome of such a case could also have a major impact on the way Epik Games implements its business in terms of Fortnite and other features. If there are further developments, we will announce. So, check out our Fortnite news.

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