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10 Top #Christmas #Tesla Tweets


Posted on December 26, 2018 |
by Zahari Shahan

December 26, 2018 from Zahari Shahan

I recently came across several fun Tesla-related tweets that inspired the idea of ​​a story about the Christmas Tesla Tweets. After scrolling for a bit more just now, the top 10 Christmas Tesla Christmas tweets … in my extremely unprofessional and surely biased opinion.

1. Light show

This is one of the tweets that inspired the idea. Tell me this is not a wonderful little light and wing show!

2. Christmas clothing ghost

You have to love these people. Shown to collect their new Tesla Model 3 in the respective Christmas pajamas Totally#winning# Christmas.

3. Santa Claus here!

Talk about winning Christmas! It turns out, the tweeter was not Santa Claus and was not involved at all, but certainly cool.

4. WTF?

I have to admit, as far as this one misses something visually strong there is certainly no Christmas spirit, it can be my favorite. It's just funny.

5. Retrospectives – 10 years ago

In a more serious note, here is a recollection of face water for how happy we are that Elon Mash and others have been pushing forward a decade ago (and every year since then) and brought Tesla to the place it is today. For 6 years, Tesla's quarterly sales rose from 321 vehicles to 80,142 vehicles, but Tesla could have died four years before Tesla delivered 321 vehicles a quarter. (In fact, for more on this theme, see: "Tesla – dead for 10 years")

6. Just 10 years ago? How about 106?

Digging farther, the below is a tweet that reminds me of a funny publication of a 1914 newspaper I wrote about 4 years ago, as well as our recent coverage of 1906 EV ads.

EA is still a great Christmas idea, by the way.


As I've recently been through, Tesla's simply driving (or buying) must make many people think about investing in Tesla [TSLA]. So, this just jumped on me. Images in Tweets @Tesla are too cool.

8. The Flying Fleet!

Okay, let me be honest, the next one has nothing to do with Christmas. But that's it is related to Tesla and was one of the two tweets that gave me an idea of ​​this article (for some reason). Also, it's just super cool. (But it's better without music, imho.)

9. White on black on white

There are two things I love about this tweet: White on black on a white combo, and that the new owner calls it Model 3 "sympathetic".

10. #FrunkPuppy Christmas!

It took me forever, trying to find the 10th tweet, and I could not stop at 9, and then I remembered what I did with the girls on Christmas Eve. Thanks to the popularity of #FrunkPuppy, this looked like a no-brainer.

See any other great Tesla Christmas tweets (or tweets of any kind) that I missed? Share them in the comments below.

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