Friday , April 16 2021

1.001 cases of chickenpox registered in the United States as a phenomenon continues

The United States has so far registered 1,001 cases of measles this year in the worst appearance of a highly contagious disease in more than a quarter of a century, federal health authorities announced on Wednesday, when they issued a new plea for parents to vaccinate their children.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say 61 new cases of ever-deadly disease have been reported since May 27. This is the highest number of cases since 1992, when CDC recorded more than 2,000 cases.

Federal health workers attributed this year's US parents' epidemic who refuse to vaccinate their children. These parents, contrary to scientific evidence, believe that the components of the vaccine can cause autism.

"We can not say enough: vaccines are a safe and highly effective public health tool that can prevent this disease and end the current phenomenon," US Secretary of Health and Social Services Alex Azar said in a statement.

This disease most affects children who have not received a measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR) vaccine, which gives immunity to the three infectious diseases.

The measles were declared eliminated in the United States in 2000, which means that there was no continuous transmission of the disease in one year. However, cases of the virus occur and spread through travelers coming from countries where measles are common.

CDC officials have warned that the country risks losing the status of measles control if the current epidemic, which began in October 2018 in New York, continues until October 2019.

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